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Team 2.0 – A Story of Love, Dance & Helping Troubled Youths

Team 2.0 a dance duo. They’ve performed at World Of Dance NYC and at the Empire State Building. They use dance as a vehicle to help at-risk kids by keeping them off the street, using dance as an outlet instead of fighting or acting out. Team 2.0 has positively impacted a number of youth, and some adults, through their workshops.

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Brendan Gould – Winning Artist & Humanitarian

May, 2013 and Brendan Gould had just moved his company, Honor Guardianship Services, into their present location in Albuquerque’s North Valley. It was his first day there and he found himself in a nondescript stucco building just off the road where the historic El Camino Real once ran from Santa Fe to Mexico City. Brendan sighed as he surveyed his dank white walls inside the office complex and began to hang his paintings: a couple landscapes, a portrait, and an abstract piece. As he stood back to look at the paintings, his felt his tired eyes match those of the portrait he hadpositioned behind his desk, and a silent prayer ran through his mind that, above all, he might be able to make a difference. “Please, God, please, – help me make this work.”

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Julie Ann Mills-Testi – Winner Against the Odds

Julie Ann has defied the odds to become an accomplished artist and a wonderful wife and mother. There’s nothing confined about artist Julie Ann Mills-Testi. Not her bold mouth brush strokes, her passion for “dancing” through her art or her…

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Edward Field’s Choice – My Best Poems

His first book, “Standup Friend with Me” (Grove press, 1962) won the Lamont Award. It has been through numerous printings. He wrote the narration for the documentary film, “To Be Alive” which played at Johnson’s Wax Pavilion at the New York World’s Fair and won an Academy award. He received a Guggenheim Fellowship. His poems have appeared in many of the leading and underground magazines, as well as in numerous anthologies and textbooks. He has given poetry readings in hundreds of colleges around the country.Once in front of a fireplace in Carlsbad, California, his face glowing from the fire, happy like a small boy’s on Christmas, he told me, “I won’t mind when I die; I’ve been given so much. I have lived such a full life.”

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Poem: The Night Obama Took Osama Down

The following is a Snapshot excerpted from the text messages I shared with my sons Trevor, Tyler and Dylan on the long awaited night when we killed Osama Bin Laden and, for the firs time in 10 years, since 9/11, as Americans we felt like winners again …

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Poetry: Alex Scandalios — This Cat Don’t Dance

Literature: When I first started writing about the process of winning, I thought about the lion as the ultimate symbol of the winner. After all, he wasn’t the biggest (i.e. the elephant), he wasn’t the smartest (i.e. the chimpanzee), but he was the undisputed King of the Jungle. How come? Since I couldn’t find a lion to talk to, I settled for my cat, Zorba. After all, like the lion, his cousin, he had royal attitude.

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Fiction: The Goalie, Part 2

Fiction. Final Installment — The game was Sunday so Saturday was their day for shopping and watching the sights. They walked thru town to the tune of cars honking their way along the street, youths hanging out the windows holding banners or flags of Japan or Argentina. Fans walked wearing their colors – It’s-a-boy blue and white for Argentina and the red rising-sun-on-white for Japan. Many wore the flags of their countries as capes. Faces were painted with the colors of their teams. At a sidewalk café a group of young boys crowded around a table that appeared to belong to some of the Argentine players.

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The Goalie — New World Cup Fiction

New Fiction by Reggie Johnson set against the backdrop of the World Cup in Toulouse, France …

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Charles Bukowski : Ordinary Madness, Poetry & Drawings.

Recently finished writing screenplay ######BARFLY for the French director Barbet# Schroeder. Wrote the English language titles for Goddard’s recent movie, just out, I forgot the name of it. Marco Ferreri has just completed a movie, TALES OF ORDINARY MADNESS, taken from some of my short stories, to be #####released at the Venice Film Festival, #### Ben Gazzara plays Chinaski. MYTHOGRAPH films has just completed a tv movie of my short story, THE KILLERS.

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Interview: Edward Field – Poetry Is Spilling the Beans

“I don’t know how the hell old you are or anything about you but I am certain you got the stuff: clean, straight writing that knows (or you know) what a poem could be made of. I am much impressed… Thanks to God you’re not precious. And, somehow, I have the impression you won’t be corrupted.”
     – William Carlos Williams to Edward Field
Edward Field was born in New York in 1924, grew up in Lynbrook, Long Island. He attended public schools, played cello in the Field Family Trio on the …

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