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Bob Fouts : Like Father, Like Son?

What kind of attitudes does it take to be a winning parent, to raise five children into responsible adults, at least one of them as highly principled and accomplished as Hall of Fame Quarterback Dan Fouts (San Diego Chargers)? To find the answer, I flew to San Francisco where Bob Fouts worked both as Public Relations Consultant to the Social Security Administration and as a Sportscaster for CBS. This article first appeared in Winners Magazine in the early 1980′s.

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Erin Goodman: Life-Changing Samaritan and Motivator

Erin Goodman is known across the Central New York area for her Beachbody Live Fitness Classes. Her work of helping people extends across social media and into the homes of literally hundreds of people. A Beachbody Live Class consists of weekly group fitness classes that include moves from programs such as Insanity, P90x, Turbokick, and PiYo. These at home workouts consist of monthly workout guides ranging between intense cardio from Insanity, strength training in P90x, cardio kickboxing from Turbokick, or low impact yoga from PiYo.

Leslie Stalker, a certified Insanity and P90x instructor and Goodman’s coworker, says that working with Goodman, “has been a breath of fresh air and it is apparent that she puts her heart and soul into everything she does.”

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Paula Sartain: Helping Hands and a Hummingbird Heart

Hummingbirds have often symbolized courage, playfulness, adaptability, healing and joy. That is why it is no surprise to see the sunlight glinting through a stained glass hummingbird prominently displayed in Paula Sartain’s office window. As Paula often says, “God doesn’t need my help.” But I think maybe she is His answer for many. She is the epitome of a winner in that she helps us each recognize the winner within ourselves

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Hayden’s Hope: How a Baby’s Death Is Saving Lives.

Hayden’s Hope: How a Baby’s Death at 39 Days Old Is Saving Lives.

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New England Wildlife Center: Healing Nature

The New England Wildlife Center in Weymouth, Massachusetts has played an integral role with improving the lives of many thousands of animals in the course of over thirty years. This wonderful clinic takes care of orphaned, sick, and injured creatures of 225 different species every year and also maintains an Odd Pet Vet service.

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How This Dad Turned His Son’s Murder into a Helping Force for Troubled Youths

How a father is turning the devastation of his son’s murder by gang members into a positive force, helping impressionable youths to be respectful, to be responsible, and to be resilient.

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While preparing Thanksgiving dinner with her mother, Conjetta mentioned that she had been unable to breathe through her left nostril for a few months and the prescribed medication she was given for a “sinus infection” was not working. Her mother suggested she go to an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor. Conjetta also noticed that her left eye kept tearing and running constantly. One morning, she woke up with what looked like a classic black eye. She made that appointment with the ENT doctor.

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The Heart of a Champion: How This Little Girl Fights Aggressive Cancer

As 2015 dawned, Jillian Reed was a normal, seemingly healthy 10-year-old girl living with her parents in Anderson, Indiana. No one could have imagined how the next two months would change Jillian’s life and that of her loved ones. On February 11, 2015, Jillian went for an annual eye exam. She expressed having severe headaches and shoulder pain at the time. The eye doctor conducted a Retina exam and discovered that Jillian’s optic nerves were swollen. The eye doctor also believed the shoulder pain to be caused from excess fluid on the spine. The eye doctor referred the Reed family to seek additional tests, and, on February 12, Jillian was taken to Riley Children’s Hospital for examination. The results of the tests performed at Riley that day would change the course of the entire Reed family’s life.

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How 13 Year Old Sophia Succeeds in Fighting Racism

Twelve year-old Sophia Carroll is no ordinary twelve year old–she has always been one that stands up to bullying, especially when it comes to her peers.?? Impacted by both adolescent bullying and Mike Brown’s death in Ferguson, Sophia designed her own T-shirt, showcasing the logo ‘COLORBLIND™’, promoting unity amongst not just races, but all people.?? The theme gained popularity and Sophia’s COLORBLIND™
T-shirts have been shipped nationwide.?? What’s more is that Sophia donates 50% of the T-shirt monies to the Megan Meier Foundation, in memory of Megan Meier, a young teenager who committed suicide after enduring cyber bullying

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