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Erin Goodman: Life-Changing Samaritan and Motivator

Erin Goodman is known across the Central New York area for her Beachbody Live Fitness Classes. Her work of helping people extends across social media and into the homes of literally hundreds of people. A Beachbody Live Class consists of weekly group fitness classes that include moves from programs such as Insanity, P90x, Turbokick, and PiYo. These at home workouts consist of monthly workout guides ranging between intense cardio from Insanity, strength training in P90x, cardio kickboxing from Turbokick, or low impact yoga from PiYo.

Leslie Stalker, a certified Insanity and P90x instructor and Goodman’s coworker, says that working with Goodman, “has been a breath of fresh air and it is apparent that she puts her heart and soul into everything she does.”

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Paula Sartain: Helping Hands and a Hummingbird Heart

Hummingbirds have often symbolized courage, playfulness, adaptability, healing and joy. That is why it is no surprise to see the sunlight glinting through a stained glass hummingbird prominently displayed in Paula Sartain’s office window. As Paula often says, “God doesn’t need my help.” But I think maybe she is His answer for many. She is the epitome of a winner in that she helps us each recognize the winner within ourselves

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Hayden’s Hope: How a Baby’s Death Is Saving Lives.

Hayden’s Hope: How a Baby’s Death at 39 Days Old Is Saving Lives.

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New England Wildlife Center: Healing Nature

The New England Wildlife Center in Weymouth, Massachusetts has played an integral role with improving the lives of many thousands of animals in the course of over thirty years. This wonderful clinic takes care of orphaned, sick, and injured creatures of 225 different species every year and also maintains an Odd Pet Vet service.

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How This Dad Turned His Son’s Murder into a Helping Force for Troubled Youths

How a father is turning the devastation of his son’s murder by gang members into a positive force, helping impressionable youths to be respectful, to be responsible, and to be resilient.

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Heather Johnson – How You Can Prevent Suicide.

After knowing Jason so long to be so happy, you can imagine Heather’s surprise when her family member called her to Shock Trauma. Heather rushed as fast as she could to the hospital. When she arrived Jason had no brain activity. She was dumbfounded when the results ruled Jason’s death as suicide, especially with her knowledge about suicide given her volunteer work with suicide programs. She, along with her family, said her goodbyes.

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How Joel McCarville Survived and Grew from His Trial by Fire

After being seriously burned and staying in the Tulsa, Oklahoma Burn Center for six weeks, Joel determined he would not give up on life. Although the doctors said he might never have adequate use of his hands again, today these are the instruments he plays: violin, trombone, bass fiddle, piano, guitar, and bass guitar. Joel has overcome so many obstacles and now plays in church services every Sunday. He also visits nursing homes, voluntarily, to play and sing for the residents who are always happy to see him come.

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Team 2.0 – A Story of Love, Dance & Helping Troubled Youths

Team 2.0 a dance duo. They’ve performed at World Of Dance NYC and at the Empire State Building. They use dance as a vehicle to help at-risk kids by keeping them off the street, using dance as an outlet instead of fighting or acting out. Team 2.0 has positively impacted a number of youth, and some adults, through their workshops.

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Madeline Robinson: Founder of Wheelchairs 4 Kids

It takes an extraordinary person to see beyond an impossible situation and to visualize amazing possibilities. That is exactly what Madeline Robinson of Tarpon Springs, Florida chose to do.
Robinson, no stranger to caring for the needs of others, is a loving wife and a doting mother and grandmother. Following in the footsteps of her humanitarian mother, Robinson became a Jaycee with the Junior Chamber of Commerce at the age of 21. This is where she learned to organize events for charities and held many positions in her 18 years of …

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