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Laurie Willmott at Spirit Therapies – The Healing Power of Horses

Originally from Minnesota, Laurie grew up with a strong love for horses and children. She did not have her own horse until she was an adult but she had a dream that someday, somehow, she would be able to combine these two passions in such a way as to make a positive impact on the world.

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Bonny Diver — From Cancer Victim to Caregiver

Although never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Bonny Diver’s horse gave her the best gift of all—the gift of a second chance at life. Bonny Diver is a well-known radio personality in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 2003, she fell off her horse and broke her shoulder. While inspecting the damage, she happened to discover a robin’s egg-sized lump on her breast. “It put me in shock because every woman is warned about a “lump.” That means cancer, and cancer means death.”

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Crashing The Net Presidential-Style

Eight-year-old William glides around a stripped down ice rink on rollerblades while they work, dreaming of the day he turns pro. In this neighborhood where lack of resources and crime rob kids of wholesome, supervised activities, William is having a blast. He’ll hang out here all day perfecting his performance instead of playing on the often dangerous streets.

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Lauren Beckley — A Forever Home

When asked why non-animal lovers should care about these things, Beckley says, “I can’t even register why anyone can’t care. If people can do such intentional harm to an animal, they can’t protect their own interests or call for help, why are we surprised when they do such harm to human beings?”

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Adam Hathaway — The Childrens’ Hero

Readers Choice: Adam Hathaway doesn’t wear a cape or red vinyl boots (thank goodness), but he is a hero to thousands of children and an inspiration to countless people.

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Mark & Tiffany Bulgin : What Would We Do for Our Own Kids?

Walking into The IKE Box in downtown Salem, Oregon is more than just walking into a coffee shop-slash-concert venue. It’s walking into a story painted with a palette that contains varying splotches of emotions, sacrifices, and experiences. It’s walking in, around, and through a story that makes one proud to be a contributor by simply walking in, around, and through it.

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Frank Long : The Force Behind Cottage Grove’s Community Theatre

Frank Long. The name is known around Cottage Grove as one of the pillars of strength behind the revolutionary strides the Cottage Theatre has made over the past fifteen years. Frank is a humble man and has a quiet wisdom and intelligence about him. In his presence, one senses they are standing in the shadow of greatness.

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Mario Pastega : Owner of Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. Believes, “If Life has been good to you, you have to give something back”

You’ve got to have faith in what you’re doing, you’ve got to be honest, and work hard. Nothing comes easy,” — sound words of advice from Mario Pastega, a winner within our community as well as a winner in life. Pastega is not only a successful business owner, but also an extremely giving and charitable individual, who has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to help fund the construction of what is now the Mario Pastega House at the Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center.

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