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Paula Sartain: Helping Hands and a Hummingbird Heart

Hummingbirds have often symbolized courage, playfulness, adaptability, healing and joy. That is why it is no surprise to see the sunlight glinting through a stained glass hummingbird prominently displayed in Paula Sartain’s office window. As Paula often says, “God doesn’t need my help.” But I think maybe she is His answer for many. She is the epitome of a winner in that she helps us each recognize the winner within ourselves

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John Ferrante : How He Grew from Violence to Honored Teacher & Healer

John managed to survive the tougher sections of Chicago and its suburbs, surrounded by racial hatred and gang violence. Before his father’s death when John turned fifteen, John’s father had administered a lifetime of belittlement, humiliation, and so called deserved beatings to his son. His mother’s over-protective love was an attempt to compensate for bringing another child into a house with a rage-filled father. “Gee, I wonder why I came out of the womb with a vengeance and why I went head-to-head with everyone in my life, including life itself.”

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