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Winning Pet: Bling Bling

We had to let Bling Bling, a member of our family that we love more than we can express, die this week because of a brain tumor. She was only 7. It was sudden and unexpected, but she passed surrounded by our love and she knew we all were there. Although paralyzed, she was able to raise her head when we came into her hospital room. She kissed our hands. She tracked each of our voices with her eyes, a slight motion of her head toward each voice as we told her we loved her and said goodbye.

We miss her so much. Get your bed, Bling Bling, get your bed and rest in peace forever in our hearts. We Love You.

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Poetry: Alex Scandalios — This Cat Don’t Dance

Literature: When I first started writing about the process of winning, I thought about the lion as the ultimate symbol of the winner. After all, he wasn’t the biggest (i.e. the elephant), he wasn’t the smartest (i.e. the chimpanzee), but he was the undisputed King of the Jungle. How come? Since I couldn’t find a lion to talk to, I settled for my cat, Zorba. After all, like the lion, his cousin, he had royal attitude.

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