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How This Dad Turned His Son’s Murder into a Helping Force for Troubled Youths

How a father is turning the devastation of his son’s murder by gang members into a positive force, helping impressionable youths to be respectful, to be responsible, and to be resilient.

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The Heart of a Champion: How This Little Girl Fights Aggressive Cancer

As 2015 dawned, Jillian Reed was a normal, seemingly healthy 10-year-old girl living with her parents in Anderson, Indiana. No one could have imagined how the next two months would change Jillian’s life and that of her loved ones. On February 11, 2015, Jillian went for an annual eye exam. She expressed having severe headaches and shoulder pain at the time. The eye doctor conducted a Retina exam and discovered that Jillian’s optic nerves were swollen. The eye doctor also believed the shoulder pain to be caused from excess fluid on the spine. The eye doctor referred the Reed family to seek additional tests, and, on February 12, Jillian was taken to Riley Children’s Hospital for examination. The results of the tests performed at Riley that day would change the course of the entire Reed family’s life.

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How 13 Year Old Sophia Succeeds in Fighting Racism

Twelve year-old Sophia Carroll is no ordinary twelve year old–she has always been one that stands up to bullying, especially when it comes to her peers.?? Impacted by both adolescent bullying and Mike Brown’s death in Ferguson, Sophia designed her own T-shirt, showcasing the logo ‘COLORBLIND™’, promoting unity amongst not just races, but all people.?? The theme gained popularity and Sophia’s COLORBLIND™
T-shirts have been shipped nationwide.?? What’s more is that Sophia donates 50% of the T-shirt monies to the Megan Meier Foundation, in memory of Megan Meier, a young teenager who committed suicide after enduring cyber bullying

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Terry the Unstoppable


The morning of August 23rd, 2010 started as a beautiful summer day.  Terry’s mom, Terry, and Terry’s little sister Alayna were in Ohio visiting family and were only twenty minutes into their six hour drive back to their home in West Virginia when they collided head-on with another vehicle at fifty-five miles-per-hour.
After surgeries on Terry’s spleen, spine, and abdomen, Terry was in the ICU room of Toledo’s Children’s Hospital for over a week before he was told that he was now paralyzed from the waist down.   Terry went through shock …

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Justine : How a Homeless Girl Is Turning Her Life Around

In October 2004, when her family situation turned abusive, a Texas court placed then 17-year old Justine in a residential treatment facility. Justine and her younger brother, adopted near birth by a career military officer and his wife, were home schooled in standard curriculum as well as Bible stories by their adoptive mother. This strict upbringing and social isolation during their primary and middle school years set the stage for a difficult adolescent period for Justine.

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Shamseddeen Moussaoui : A Self Portrait

“Prior to 9/11, I thought I was a normal white person but then I found out that I wasn’t, that I was an Arab, and that people were relating to me differently,” says Shamseddeen Moussaoui. “This also happened at a time in my life when I was already trying to figure out who I was, so my confusion often turned to anger and that into fights. After I got expelled from Crescent Valley High School midway through my junior year, after school officials could no longer deal with my continuous troublemaking, I realized I was throwing everything away and decided I needed to change.”

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