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Conjetta Boomer: Her Courageous Conquest of Cancer that Stole Her Jaw

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Jetta Lead

Thanksgiving was just a week away and Conjetta’s family would be visiting from out of town. As always, she could count on her mother’s help to ensure a scrumptious meal. Conjetta was seven months pregnant with her third child and suffering with what the doctor said was an acute sinus infection. Although she didn’t feel her best, she loved the holidays and looked forward to spending it with her family.

While preparing Thanksgiving dinner with her mother, Conjetta mentioned that she had been unable to breathe through her left nostril for a few months and the prescribed medication she was given for a “sinus infection” was not working. Her mother suggested she go to an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor. Conjetta also noticed that her left eye kept tearing and running constantly. One morning, she woke up with what looked like a classic black eye. She made that appointment with the ENT doctor.

Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Meanwhile, Conjetta gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Trinity. She was so happy to finally have her little girl since her first two children, Elijah and Solomon, were boys. However, her joy of being a new mom was soon overshadowed when the call came in from the doctor’s office to come in with her husband, Carlos, immediately to discuss the biopsy results. The news she received on that day changed her life forever.

At age 29, Conjetta was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma, which was a rapidly growing malignant tumor in her left nasal cavity area that was pressing against her eye socket. She was admitted to the hospital the next day for more tests to see if the cancer had metastasized. There was also the concern that she could lose her eye.

Relieved to learn the cancer had not spread, the news was still grim. The tumor was growing at a rapid rate and would require intense chemotherapy for one year, along with a series of radiation treatments. Conjetta became extremely sick from the treatments.   She was too weak to care for her three small children and relied totally on her family to help. Most days she was unable to even hold or feed her newborn baby. Infections caused her to be in and out of the hospital. Her long wavy hair had fallen completely out and she lost a lot of weight. The chemo also caused her to lose her sense of taste and she barely ate, unable to enjoy any of her food. The company she worked for could not guarantee her same position would be there for her should she return to work. Her world had turned completely upside down.

Stretching jaw for prosthetic

Stretching jaw for prosthetic

After 13 months of treatments, the tumor had finally shrunk to where it could be removed. That was the good news.   When the Doctors told Conjetta that in order to remove the remaining tumor they would have to remove her left jaw, she was devastated.   She immediately began researching other procedures that would be less invasive. Finally, she succumbed to having the surgery after realizing this was the best way to remove the tumor along with any residual cancer cells. It was necessary to save her life.

May 11th has marked Conjetta’s sixth year of being cancer free.   She has adjusted extremely well to having a prosthetic jaw. After two reconstructive surgeries, it is barely noticeable that anything is different about her. Conjetta’s illness forced her to make certain changes in her life. She researched healthier alternatives to the foods she once ate.  She experimented with making healthier treats for her children and developed a cupcake recipe that is vegan based (no eggs or milk), using all natural and organic ingredients.  As gestures of gratitude, she placed her cupcakes in floral arrangements and gave them to the people who supported her during her illness. It wasn’t long before she became inundated with paid orders for her delicious and beautiful cupcake bouquets. This was the beginning of Caketastic Bouquets, an online specialty cupcake business. Conjetta says her bouquets symbolize love, beauty and gratitude.

Conjetta has returned to the company she worked for before her illness. She had to begin again at the very bottom but now has worked her way up into a position higher than when she left. She looks forward to each and every day and has many projects on the horizon, all geared toward inspiring others to live full and healthier lives.


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  • renee said:

    What a beautiful testimony of how much GOD loves you Conjetta and how much you have reciprocated that love in your beautiful cupcakes and displays!
    I wish you much happiness and success!
    I was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer last april. I had my breast removed in May and immediately started chemotherapy. I feel like what I went thru was nothing compared to your story— but GOD gets the glory in all things. You continue to stay positive and be encouraged with the gift the lord has given you. Again much happiness and success!

  • Christine – Canada said:

    I’m a pretty squeamish person, so the beginning description of “her left eye kept tearing and running constantly” had me wriggling in my seat a little bit, but it definitely got me to read until the end. What I loved most about this piece was the end. How, once she was cancer free, she took control of her health and revamped her diet, which resulted in the creation of a healthier cupcake, which turned into a business. My thoughts are that I would have loved to have had some sort of foreshadowing to this at the beginning. I personally love those kinds of stories and hear them a lot: someone is forced to step back from their life because of illness, tragedy, or burnout, and end up (as a result) embracing an entirely new path.

  • Lynette said:

    I must say Congratulations! Conjetta you made it through the tough and scary and here you are a Winner! You are blessed with a beautiful family and so happy that you got the support of friends and family. God is good always! One of the most important trait that a human could have and the Bible does mentioned is” to pray with thanksgiving in your heart” and also, “to be content” and being Grateful is very hard to find nowadays? We have so much and we take it for granted! It is in the low times that you are fragile and humbled and your character is formed and your faith is tested becoming more patient and when all is done then your patience is complete.
    Sounds a bit like the story of Job in the Bible where he was tested and lost it all family, assets, health but not his heart. In the end when he persevered after being criticized and mocked he still remained faithful and worshipped the Lord for the same way he gives to us he also takes away. God tests our faith and it is through trials that our faith is tested and when we persevere and trust him we are blessed beyond our expectations like Conjetta, Job and everyone who has gone thru similar situations. God is just, merciful, kind and loving. And just because maybe one person doesn’t make it from a fatal condition doesn’t mean it is God’s fault>? We live in an imperfect world and we are free to live and go about our way. We are accountable for our own lives and our bodies waste away eventually. It is not meant to live eternally. We are given the gift of life and that is to live for today and not tomorrow for it’s not guaranteed.

  • Debbie – Ohio said:

    This feature on Conjetta was inspiring, but the lead was buried and it was a bit confusing at first since it took time to get into the meat of the story. The subject itself and her resilience made it a very interesting read.

  • Khale - Texas said:

    I enjoyed the read. Thank you.

  • Okemah said:

    Very inspirational, what A strong and resilient woman!

  • Sirr Washington said:

    To my good friend from way back when. A phenomenal story. You’re a beautiful resilient blessing. I wish you and your family the Best

  • Alpha – Canada said:

    It’s truly a fascinating story. her courage and behaviour despite how her situation was turning around shows that a battle is lost only when the fighter put the weapons down and that God’s will will always come true.

  • Garima – India said:

    I read this inspirational story and must admit that it was quite touching.

  • Cole - Indiana said:

    Love the article! Positives can be found in harsh and negative situations. God’s plan and will for us is greater than we can sometimes know or realize, but if we seek and trust in Him life can be amazing!

  • Garima - Illinois said:

    Thanks Sloanne for sharing this inspirational story with the readers. Bravo Conjetta..
    People like you are rare to find.Feels good to read about peiple of your kind.

  • Asha said:

    Truly inspiring story. I’m amazed at how Conjetta turned her pain and suffering into love, beauty and gratitude with her strength and resilience.

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