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Donate To A Community Cause

This page is dedicated to Communities Who are trying to help one of their members who are facing a devastating hardship and need the help of all who can give it. Solicitations must involve a Trust Fund that is held by a recognized Financial Institution in that community.

Remember, the chain of change can be only as strong as its weakest link. The following members of our world community are among our weakest thru no fault of their own and they need our help. Please assist them with whatever donation you can afford. One day you may need the same help.

You may post your plea here on behalf of your community’s efforts to help one of its own provided a Trust Account has been set up for the Donations to be sent to. Send us the information with a 150 to 250 word explanation/plea for your cause and we will post your request for donations here. If photos and other information are available at a web address, include it. Be sure to include the Financial Institution holding the Trust Account, its address, and the Trust Account ID Number that donations need to be sent to. Do not send the donation to this magazine. Our only involvement is to provide this information as a Free Public Service.

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Julia De La Cruz, Corvallis Oregon.

Julia, 36 years old, was struck by a car late at night on November 8, 2008 while crossing Circle Boulevard in Corvallis. She was on her way to work at one of the 2 waitress jobs she held to support her 3 children. The car struck her so hard that the ambulance found her body 88 feet from the shoes she had been wearing before the impact. They rushed her to the hospital. Her pelvis and hip were fractured, her spinal cord cracked, she had a brain aneurysm and multiple contusions. She was not expected to live.

But her will to survive prevailed and she has. She has endured operations, complications with her tracheotomy, and a stroke which has impaired the left side of her body. She has no medical insurance, and to date has incurred $650,000 in medical bills with a long road of physical therapy ahead of her. Unfortunately, she has reached a point in her recovery where medical decisions are based not on what is best for her but rather on what it costs. Her family does not have the financial means to pay this money. So far, community fund-raising efforts have raised $12,000. Obviously, she still needs a lot more so please help her and her children. Send what you can to the following Financial Institution:

Wells Fargo Bank. Account # 5509395058. You can make the donation at your local bank branch using this account number. Advise them it is for the benefit of Julia De La Cruz.

Anyone interested in getting updates on her medical condition can do so by visiting the following website: http://patty-Julia.blogspot.com