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Brazil community Hall of Fame

Pelé, Santos Brazil. Winning Athlete, Brazil South America: The Story of Pelé — A winner in the football world Who ever heard of the Brazilian named Edson Arantes do Nascimento or Pelé as he was known throughout the world ? Born into a humble family in Santos city and with limited financial resources, Pelé had to work hard to become the king of football. Pelé is a sure winner for his life story. By Maria da Salete Ferreira Dias

Vania Ferias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Winning Educator: She is the founder and director of Ballet of Santa Teresa, a non-profit organization that offers cultural education to slum children in Rio. She began in 1999, teaching in a basement in the slum where she and the students would have to throw themselves on the floor during shoot-outs. The school relocated and offers classes in performing and fine arts as well as academics. By Rachel Glickhouse