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Bai Fangli, Hong Kong, China. Winning Samaritan: Being helpful, being happy is what his name means. From the year 1987 when he was already 74 years old ,Bai Fangli,a simple and common retired Chinese old worker started to support needy students for schooling by conveying passengers with his old tricycle and donating all he earned to the local educational organs until the year 2001 when he was already 92 years old, too weak to ride his tricycle. His rides during these years totaled scores of times the diameter of the earth, that is to say, in these years he rode non-stop scores of times the earth’s diameter to earn all the money to completely donate to support needy students nationwide. In all his life, he never bought a garment for himself and he often ate leftovers in order to save every penny for needy children. He liked telling people that helping others brought happiness to himself. He died in 2005 at the age of 93 when he completely gave up donating. By Li Jie (Lily)

LiuXian, Shanghai, China, Winning Athlete: He is the 110-meters-hurdle athlete. He won the gold medal in the 2004 Olympic Games. Later, he also broke the world record though it has been broken again since . He is currently a student in Shanghai and is a person worth honoring as a winner. By “Sunney” Hua Zhang

Tommy Chung, Hong Kong, China. Winning Cousin/Artist: Tommy quit his full time successful law practice and pursues his first love: Blues music. Being a big shot lawyer, even till today, is regarded as pinnacle of success.  But get this, in a traditional Chinese family, and especially in the 70′s where HK was still under British rule, it was considered a class above to study at Queen’s University, and on top of that, with my uncle served as a bailiff, Tommy’s path to success was partly laid before his triumphant return to HK.  He handled the toughest cases with the biggest international companies, and was paid handsomely. He often confessed to me that he loathed being a lawyer; he would much rather wash dishes.  So, he has brought his attitude for success in the law courts to the stage.  He practices relentlessly and seeks after the new frontiers of his musical pursue.  He is currently breaking new grounds in Jazz.  He is a sought-after Blues artist in Asia.  I have travelled many of times with him to Japan as his roadie.  Needless to say that Japan has a very fine palate for music. By Nicholas Fung

Yao Ming, Shanghai, China, Winning Athlete: The most famous person in Shanghai, he is playing basketball in United States now. He now is a world-famous guy. I have watched his games since he was still in Shanghai basketball club. He is a very discipline and persevering guy. I think he deserves what he has now. It is the result of his great efforts. By “Sunney” Hua Zhang

Zhong Guancun Shopping Mall, Beijing, China, Winning Merchant: If you love shopping, then this place should definitely be on your agenda. The 200,000 square-meter underground mall is big enough for the restless shoppers to spend a whole shopping day. More than 80 brand-name shops sell products ranging from shoes to clothes, from accessories to jewelry along with bedding and cosmetics. Beijing flag ship shops of Rolex; Only, Vero Monda, and Swatch are here. Those fans of these brands don’t forget to check it out. Unlike other malls in Beijing, Zhong Guan Cun shopping mall never gets too crowded. The spacious “underground city “gives customers enough space to breathe so that they can take their time and make the right choice. There are on-sale items once in a while, especially during holiday season. Remember to check the calendar before you go. By Sally Xu

Jiu Men Restaurant, Beijing, China. Winning Restaurant: Jiu Men Restaurant gathers eleven Beijing local delicacy brands all of which rank among the top food that you can’t afford to miss when visiting Beijing. Moved from Qianmen to Hou Hai, Jiu Men gains more popularity than even before because of the picturesque neighborhood. Yet, it is always the food that makes people long for this place. Each of the delicacies has a long story to tell, which is about how ordinary people find the beauty of food dating back even to Qing Dynasty. Zha Jiang Noodle, sticky rice cake, various Yue Sheng Zhai Cakes, tofu jelly, to name just a few, are enough to delight your taste bud. The only problem is that you always have to make hard choices among the various food because of the limit capacity of your stomach. By Sally Xu