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Benedict Protheroe, London, England, United Kingdom, Winning Spiritualist: This summer he is walking from Canterbury to Rome on a 1,200 mile traditional pilgrimage, fascinating in many aspects: camping and exploring off the beaten tourist track, coping with the highs and lows of isolation, re-treading the footsteps and seeing through the eyes of pilgrims centuries gone by while having precious time to reflect on one’s self, life and spirituality. By Caroline Prosser

Bob Bristow, Reading, England, United Kingdom, Winning Citizen: Bob Bristow, now in his 50s, has been totally blind from a young age. After spells working in factories in the British Midlands, he now works for himself mending bicycles. He is independent, enjoys riding himself on the back of tandem, is active in local cycling groups and provides the valuable service of mending people’s bikes – even though he can’t see a thing. Bob’s an amazing guy – never lets anything depress him. By Juliet Widget

Charlie Allen, Highbury/Islington Community, London, England. Winning Merchant: He is a world renowned tailor and is regarded highly in the fashion industry. He is the winner of the prestigious International Linen Designer Of the Year Award (1985) and has adjudicated on numerous important industry Student Fashion Award Events, including IMBEX and the Smirnoff Student Designer Awards. What makes Charlie a winner is that he has managed to successfully build his business over a long time span which has seen the surrounding area and community undergo major change and re-development. His views also bespoke tailoring as a collaboration and relationship with his clients and himself working together to create the perfect outfit which is special to the individual, serving lots of happy customers within the UK and also internationally. He has recently also been featured in a local billboard advert campaign featuring him as one of the personalities that make the area what it is. He is inspirational through doing what he does best, creating wonderful and unique items of clothing. By Samiat Pedro

Jasper Richmond, Chichester, West Sussex, England. Winning Leader: Jasper was the parliamentary candidate for the Green party in the 2015 UK general election. From his be-hatted, eccentric style to his spot-on ideas about local and national progress, he is a breath of political fresh air for the traditionally conservative borough. Also a firefighter and poet, the intelligent, forward-thinking speech he gave at the city’s packed cathedral the evening before the election was a pivotal moment in the area’s history. By Sean Parker