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Alexis Leon, Kerala, India, Winner Against the Odds: He is a paraplegic who over a span of 18 years has associated with projects in the areas of Software Consultancy, Project Management, Software Configuration Management, Software Product Design, Systems Analysis, Systems Integration, Software Development Activities, Software Quality Assurance, Technical Documentation, Corporate Training, Career Guidance, Industrial Engineering and has authored many books on various computer science and management related subjects. By Anuradha Muralidharan

Arav Chandel, New Delhi , India. Winning Son: My son’s is Arav, he turned 5 years old on 23 October 2011. He is absolutely diligent and adorable child. We have great understanding and every night before going to sleep I tell him tales of bravery. Today 7th Feb 2012; Arav was playing in his room and all of a sudden he heard voice of a girl screaming out in the park “mummy……”, and then he told me, “Mommy, she needs my help!” He went there and saw a small girl Shreya was struck on a swing and calling for help .He rushed to security and called up security guards and rescued the girl. I was overwhelmed by his witty action of humanity and bravery ……..my eyes were full of tears and I felt like a winner. My son has understood the meaning of being human and made me a winning mom. By Ambika Thakur

Dr. Abdul Kalam, New Delhi, India. Winning Politician: Ex-President of India. A notable scientist and engineer, he is often referred to as the Missile Man of India for his work and is considered a progressive mentor, innovator and visionary in India. He is also popularly known as the People’s President. By Anuradha Muralidharan

Bikashjyoti Bora, Guwahati,Assam, India. Winner against the Odds: He is unlike you and me in that he is destitute of vision. Completed his graduation successfully in 2009 and went on to clear Prelims of the prestigious Civil Services Exam in 2011. He uses his notebook and a Braille machine to find solutions that would put to shame most of us. In spite of hardships, he has carried on and attained many scholarships on his own. He is also actively involved with many visually challenged people across the globe to speak for their cause. By Nilotpal Pathak

Lakshmi Tatma, Patna, India. Winner against the Odds: Lakshmi is a seven-year-old girl with four arms and four legs, born to poor parents earning less than $1 a day. She is a winner because of her perseverance and conviction to survive. She is ridiculed by the society she lives in, yet, at the same time, worshiped as a goddess. Her parents were once offered money to make her participate in a circus. She is an icon of the society she lives in. By Chitraparna Sinha

Mother Teresa. Calcutta India: Winning Humanitarian: There are people who went silent most of their lives. We knew who they were and some of what they did. Only, we never really knew the person behind the greatness. This lady, Mother Teresa, questioned her ideas and what she was doing and yet she still found the faith to continue what she was doing. She died the same day Lady Diana died and yet no one noticed. She was never rich nor overly successful, yet she gave to so many people worldwide. Her photos and sayings are everywhere and she still inspires people. Someone who was so very little yet gave so much and greatness beyond measure. She is my nominee. By Karie Godfrey.

Namlo Yak, Dharamsala, India, Winning Writer/Activist: Namlo Yak worked for the Chinese department of education in Tibet until he was imprisoned for leaking ’sensitive’ documents. After suffering torture and neglect, Namlo started writing poetry and writing pleas on behalf of his fellow prisoners. After his release he made it to visit the Dalai Lama and has become a well established writer and journalist. By Denis Burke

Narayan Murthy, Bangalore India, Winning Merchant: Chairman of the Board and Chief Mentor of Infosys Technologies Limited. Mr. Narayan Murthy has changed the way the world perceives India. He has put us on the IT map! A simple man he started this three billion dollar company with literally nothing in his pocket. Today Infosys employs 7000 people. The story of a man who created professional respect for India, believed in the wealth sharing concept and who lives life simply has to be told. By Anuradha Muralidharan

Mr.Thomas,Kerala, India. Winner Against the Odds: Mr. Thomas,68, had been devastated/alienated in a landslide disaster that occurred on 2001 November 9, at Amboory, a village in Kerala, India. Mr.Thomas and his family members were celebrating the betrothal of their single son Mr. Binu. A heavy rain falls and a portion of the sloped land behind their home erupted over their home. His wife, son, daughter’s family etc., more than 38 people, were all killed. Now he has rebounded from the loss, remarried, and constructed a new home. He is again enjoying life. By Bindu Sunil