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Peru Community Hall of Fame Members

Olga Gomez, Lima Peru. Winning Mother: We always cherish the concept of a mother as a winner, but the one I describe here shows strength and power in everything she does. Also, in spite of all the problems our family has faced, she is the strongest person to hold the family together. In spite of her older age, she still supports all the family: “My Mother”, her name is Olga Gomez, she comes from a poor family, but I remember since I was a kid she gave everything for all her five children, working hard with love because her main goal was to grow good kids, I love and admire my mother so much. By Jesus Adolfo Montoya Gomez

Rodrigo Malca Montoya, Lima, Perú, Winner Against the Odds/Readers Choice April 2012: He is a friend of mine who suffers blindness since he was 5 years old; nevertheless he has acknowleged a sharp intellectual level after trying two university careers which he had to leave because of visual difficulties, He acquired the habit of daily reading through the program Jaws for Windows. He is also a writer and wants to learn some languages like French and English to contact artists and thinkers around the world. His story deserves to be read.By Gonzalo Valdivia Davila