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Spain Community Hall of Fame Members

Souad Al Jundi, Damascus,Syria. Winning Teacher, Readers Choice April 2012: She was born from a Syrian father and a Bulgarian Mother, in Sofia,. The reason myself along with many other people in Syria view my mom as an influential woman is due to her consistent determination in raising awareness that children with down syndrome , autism and other special cases are no different than regular children in a society except that their learning skills are different. Dr.Souad Al Jundi gained 2 high school diplomas – one in Literature and the other in Arts., Her B.A was in English Literature , She completed two years in Miami at a community college in Interior Design, then came back to Syria where she did her Masters and PHD at the Saint Clements University. Her Masters degree was in Translation and her PHD was in applied Linguistics. She has written a guide, ” How to teach teenagers with Down Syndrome reading skills “. My mother encouraged many women in Syria to enroll their children (with down syndrome or autism) in Special schools , in her art classes, and in her English classes offered at the Bulgarian Cultural Centre where classes are designed specifically for children and adults with special needs. By Diana Rifai