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Egypt Community Hall of Fame Members

Taha Hussien, El-Menya Governorate, Egypt. Winning Leader: He is a writer, born in 1889 in El-Menya governorate in a village named “Maghagha”. He lost the light of his eyes in the age of 4 but this didn’t stop from studying The Holy Quran and memorizing it. He studied religious subjects at El-Azhar university then continued his studies of modern science, history and geography at the Egyptian university which was opened recently. He took his PHD in 1914 and in the same year the university sent him to France and there he studied Romanian law, Latin language and philosophy. He was assigned as the Minister of Higher  education in 1950. He had many contributions to the Arab Literature and specially the Egyptian. His French wife “the love of his life” had a great role in his success. The light of this man was in the heart not the eyes. By Ahmed Atef