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Annabel Sclippa, Cottonwood, Arizona. Winner Against the Odds:   Despite being confined to a wheelchair at the age of seventeen, Annabel has continued to demonstrate unflinching courage and determination in achieving goals and in her dedication to helping others. She has completed her Bachelor’s Degree in English, studied Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, been ranked nationally in women’s wheelchair tennis, assisted many as an intuitive healer, and currently owns and operates The Annabel Inn, a Bed & Breakfast in Old Town Cottonwood, Arizona. All this while travelling world-wide. “Bella” continues to live in the moment and overcome any obstacles to her dreams.By Lee Phelps 

Jessica Cox, Tucson, Arizona. Winner Against the Odds: Jessica was a poor, unfortunate child who happened to be born without arms. Now 25 years of age, Jessica has gone against all odds to receive her driver’s license, graduate from college, and receive her PILOT’S license in aviation! She has learned how to do ordinary jobs (like brushing teeth, taking a shower, eating, typing, etc.) using only her feet. She also has multiple black belts in Ti Yuan Do. By Sam Surgalski

Joey Meadors, Phoenix, Arizona. Winning Parent: I think he is a winner because he was with my sister for 7 years, after which my sister decided to leave him and abandon their daughter. Joey stepped up to raise her by himself at 40 years old with no experience raising kids. On top of raising his daughter, he will help anyone that asks him as long as he can. He has been crossed many times but still sticks his neck out if anyone needs his help  He is the most amazing person and I definitely look up to him. By Spring Meadows

Judith Manganiello, North Scottsdale Arizona. Winning Citizen. Readers Choice: Judith has been the owner of the spiritual store, Peace of the Universe, for 15 years. She is the first person you see when entering as she welcomes you with a hug and says a gentle “Welcome home!” Through her sincere self- happiness and enjoyment in life, she teaches others about the enlightenment she has come to know and to help others also see their own light. By Alicia Allison

Robert Luther Olson, Tucson Arizona, Winning Coach: He has been the head Basketball Coach at Arizona for the last 24 years. He took over a dismal program in talent and attitude. Thru hard work and a positive winning attitude, the rest is history. He won the National Championship in 1997. He lost his wife, Bobbie, to ovarian cancer. Even so, he remains a positive force in his profession. He is a great person and a super coach of young athletes. Please consider “Cool Hand Lute” as a nominee for your magazine. By Larry Pinkerton

Welensky Nathan, Buckeye, Arizona, Winning Samaritan: Mr. Nathan is a U.S. citizen who was born and raised in Nigeria. After living in the United States for approximately 10 years, he has devoted much of his time to giving back to the people of his homeland. He recently sponsored a seminar on Maternal Morbidity and Mortality for the women of Nigeria. In early 2009, he will coordinate a project in which he and 15 U.S.- based doctors will travel to Nigeria to administer free healthcare services, e.g. examinations, surgery and medicine. He will also sponsor a project in which boreholes will be built for many villages without clean drinking water. By Tameka Nathan

Willard, Tuscon Arizona. Winning Samaritan: Willard teaches Salvation Army Adult Sunday School.  Caring, smart, and a joy to listen to, Willard brings a fresh perspective on life, religion and philosophy to those who attend – mostly the poor, homeless, or destitute.  His words are an inspiration in a world where faith and hope are often lost. By John Endicott.