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Arkansas community Hall of Fame

Dr. Cassandra Quave, Little Rock Arkansas. Winner Against the Odds: Sporting a white lab coat with pink buttons, Dr. Cassandra Quave is seemingly your all-American girl. Her broad smile and girlish giggle give the room an air of innocence, as she lights up with enthusiasm about being a nerdy “science fair geek.” Yet, her life has been anything but innocent.  Hidden beneath her research lab coat is a prosthetic and countless surgical scars from close to thirty surgeries to repair birth defects that left her with an amputated leg at the age of three. Cassy’s passion for science is now breaking boundaries in medical research with the beginning of a biotech company in Little Rock, Arkansas focused on plant-based cures for staph-related infections that continue to claim the lives of millions of people. By Candida Gazoli

Future Lankford, Pine Bluff Arkansas. Winning Citizen: She is a courageous and exceptional role model in Pine Bluff, AR. Having raise three generations of kids, and providing resources to those in need of help; her contributions and aspirations instilled much into the community. Her deserving of “silent” prosperity is mitigated to the world. By Tiff Lank

Joel McCarville, Cedarville Arkansas. Winner against the Odds/Readers Choice: After being seriously burned and staying in the Tulsa, Oklahoma Burn Center for six weeks, Joel determined he would not give up on life. Although the doctors said he might never have adequate use of his hands again, today these are the instruments he plays: violin, trombone, bass fiddle, piano, guitar, and bass guitar. Joel has overcome so many obstacles and now plays in church services every Sunday. He also visits nursing homes, voluntarily, to play and sing for the residents who are always happy to see him come. By Bonise Rish

Matthew Callahan, Fort Smith Arkansas. Winning Samaritan: Matt is someone who lives his life completely for others. Matt moved here from Ireland and owns a few businesses with one in particular, Dino Lube, that he purchased just so he could offer people with drug addictions a job when they got clean. He is an air-evac pilot, as well as helps the DHS with providing Christmas for the foster children in 4 different counties in Arkansas. Matt does all of this while he takes care of his wife who has very bad health. This man truly spends every waking hour working hard to help improve the lives of others. By Ashley Person