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Colorado community Hall of Fame

Anne Doyle, Boulder, Colorado. Winning Caregiver: Works on a board with Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow (BOHO) and has been one of the central figures who help start Medical Respite Boulder. Medical Respite is a non-profit home care system for the homeless of Boulder that offers a safe refuge of healing for those without a home. Medical Respite addresses acute and post-acute medical care for individuals too ill to recover from a physical illness or injury on the streets but not considered ill enough to be hospitalized. Anne Doyle’s dedication and compassion for the homeless make her a winner within the community. By Stacia Miller

Barney Ford, Breckenridge, Colorado, Winning Pioneer: Barney escaped slavery and opened a successful restaurant, as well as other businesses in Breckenridge and other parts of Colorado. He was instrumental in getting the Black right to vote and get an education. By Lisa Marie Mercer

Brad Clement & Tonya Riggs Clement, Boulder, Colorado. Winning Athletes/Educators: Boulder is a mecca for climbers, mountaineers, runners, skiers, cyclists, and mountain bikers. Husband-wife team, Brad Clement and Tonya Riggs Clement, are high altitude mountaineers who make Boulder their “base camp” but by no means limit their adventures locally. Both have years of experience scaling the world’s highest peaks in the Himalaya, Africa, Europe and Patagonia. They met while climbing Mt. Everest as part of the Everest Peace Project in 2006 in which Brad was the cinematographer. Through their company, Beyond Everest, they give workshops and presentations and lead expeditions all over the world. The Clements are a dynamic and down-to-earth couple who have accomplished so much individually and together, and want to inspire others to achieve their goals in life. By Robyn Crispe

The Bradley Family, Boulder, Colorado. Winning Family: The Bradley’s are a squirrelly bunch. They consist of four outgoing boys and two loving parents. The boys are each two years apart from each other. The boys consist of Daniel the youngest, Nicholas the third eldest, John the second oldest, and of course Philip the oldest. These boys differ in many areas, yet they all have one major thing in common. They are all Eagle Scouts. They’ve done and continue to do their part in helping the Boulder community. Phil’s accomplishments range from earning his eagle scout by building a dumpster enclosure for Bethel Methodist, to running for city council. John has earned his eagle scout by building flower boxes for a retirement community wheel chair accessible. Nicholas repaired and repainted a fence surrounding a Habit For Humanity community. Finally, Daniel repaired and improved Philip’s dumpster enclosure, and refinished all the doors of the church. These boys continue to help out young boy scouts in their eagle projects, and tirelessly work to help their community. By Erin Lamouria

Dennis Kinch, Manitou Springs, Colorado, Winning Humanitarian: He has been an advocate for chronic pain sufferers and has recently walked 3000 miles visiting pain clinics and hospitals and talking to people in the streets. He needs help to spread the word to those in pain as well as to their loved ones. Call him at 310-741-9890 to talk. He says if you help him he can help you. By Dennis P. Kinch

Dianne Primavera, Broomfield, Colorado. Winning Politician: In 1988, Dianne was diagnosed with breast cancer and given five years to live. Her marriage soon ended, and she was working for a company that went out of business. This gutsy, single mother, with a deadly disease and no health insurance, fought her way back. Twenty years later, Dianne uses the same tenacity to advocate for her constituents at the CO capitol. She is serving her second term as a state representative and is a member of the Health and Human Services Committee, and the Transportation and Energy Commitee. She believes in solving problems in a bipartisan way, and represents everyone. Rep. Primavera has worked in the fields of disability, employment and health care for more than 40 years. She has gained state and national recognition for her work as a CO legislator and also for community service and volunteer work. Diane Primavera is a winning citizen who fights for what she believes in, touching hearts and minds a long the way. By Lisa Martin

Enrique Franco, Boulder Colorado. Winning Educator: I am a teacher in Boulder, Colorado. I work with children from low income families and primarily of Hispanic decent. Two years ago we were blessed with a program called “I Have a Dream.” The program provides support to underprivileged children so that they graduate from high school and later helps them pay for college. In 2010, when my current class was in second grade, the foundation approached us to offer sponsorship for all qualifying children. With this they hired a program director, Enrique Franco. Enrique is an inspiration to the children he works with and to us as well. I truly believe that Enrique is making a huge difference in the lives of these children and want others to know about him and the program. By Anne Garcia

Kathy Kriss, Florissant, Colorado.  Winning Benefactor:  She is my soul-mate and my companion. I consider her an unsung hero of the Hayman fire disaster. After hearing that the firefighters had to pay for their food (after working 12-16 hours on the fire), she took it upon herself to raise over $300,000 in cash, goods, and services from our local communities. These went directly to the firefighters, churches, ambulance corps, etc., to help fight our states worst natural disaster. She took nothing for herself in organizing this monumental task. However her two-month long effort was barely recognized. I’d like to change that. By Lee Albright 

Kit & Buddy Welch, Denver Colorado. Winning Benefactor: They founded the Kindness Works Committee, a Group/foundation formed by after the death of their special needs son, Hunter Welch. Thru this foundation they have helped others to discover the power of kindness to effect positive change. When kindness is expressed, healthy relationships are created, community connections are nourished, and people are inspired to pass kindness on, inspiring others across the world along with the Random Acts Foundation for kindness, positive values, etc. By Kimberly Brown

Kristin Ulmer, Breckenridge Colorado, Winning Humanitarian: This former Olympic skier skier now holds Ski To Live workshops for cancer survivors. By Lisa Marie Mercer

Mario Palmisano, Denver Colorado. Winning Family: He lives with his three sisters. Their parents needed marriage counseling. His father, suddenly, was killed in a river incident at Daniels Park. Both his grandfather and his father died in the waters of Ohio, at the age of 33. His older sister,Kayla, raised the family as a responsible mother would have (another “hero” in my book). The uncles gave moral, physical, and financial support to all four of the children. Mario is now in college in Michigan, and the girls are leading a responsible way of life. By Robert Forster

Reverend Vazquez, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Winning Samaritan: Reverend Joe Vazquez is the director of Springs Rescue Mission in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Springs Rescue Mission is a ministry to the homeless and poor. Of the 11 years SRM has been in existence, Joe has served for eight of them, giving himself to the homeless and poor. By Theresa Ludwick

Rocky Johnson, Boise Idaho. Winning Entertainer: A local performer who is extremely involved in the Women’s and Children’s Alliance and here in Boise. Rocky donates time and services to raise money for this charity, protecting our endangered women and children. By Jennie Findling

Scott Lebo,Colorado Springs, Colorado. Winning Athlete: Scott Lebo is a math teacher and track and cross country coach for Fountain Valley School in Colorado Springs, CO. He has been running since he was 10 years old and at 41 continues to run marathons and other races. He has succeeded in promoting education and fitness to his students and others around him. At the age of 39, he won first place in the Triple Crown of Running, that is part of the Pike’s Peak Marathon. He finds time to run and train even while teaching and being a father and husband. By Gwen Ingram

The Town of Breckenridge, Colorado, Winning Town: Sure, it’s a ski town. But as we reach our 150th anniversary in 2009, the town is renovating museums and preparing a huge celebration of its history. Additionally, the town will never tear down any historic building. By Lisa Marie Mercer