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Bobby Cox, Atlanta, Georgia, Winning Coach: Manager of the Atlanta Braves, Cox is a leading advocate in our city for the adoption of abandoned and neglected dogs. He and his wife have several dogs they have adopted over the years and on his off days, Cox is active in working with a local animal adoption agency. Through his efforts, several of his players have adopted dogs of their own. I think it’s inspiring to see the softer and more compassionate side of his gruff, on-field image. By Dawn Sloan Downes

 Conjetta Boomer. Snellville, Georgia. Winner Against the Odds. Readers’ Choice™: At age 29 Conjetta was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.  With two small children and one on the way, she could not prepare for the battle ahead of her, yet she faced this illness head on determined to beat it.  After a year of intense chemo, radiation and two invasive surgeries, she persevered and started her own vegan cupcake business.  May 11th  marks her 6th year anniversary of being cancer free. By Connie Sloane

Cynthia Herron, Gainesville, Georgia, Winning Educator: She is a student and part time staff member at Gainesville State College. Cynthia is in her 40s, and has Spina Bifida. She is working on completing her degree, and at the same time is active in numerous student groups and founded a student group for students with disabilities on campus. She is passionate about educating those with and without disabilities about those disabilities that we encounter every day and about creating an environment where we can work together comfortably. She amazes me with her tireless energy and willingness to help everyone. By Jessica Bougher

John Martin, Augusta Georgia. Winner Against the Odds: He is a husband, solider, and a father. When he was in high school, he became a father and after high school, he became a solider. They’re were many times when he missed much of his children’s lives because he was fighting for our country. He also went through some personal issues concerning his marriage. About 2 years ago, he was deployed to fight in the war. Thankfully he came back a year after being deployed, but in a matter of two days, he ended up getting confined to a wheelchair from a horrible motorcyle accident. It took him 4 months to recover, but ever since his release form the hospital in Augusta, he has been getting better and better everyday. Though he has hit some hard points in his life, he is still happier than ever, living life to the fullest. By Joyce Baby

Keith Brooking, Atlanta Georgia. Winning Athlete: Brooking has a long (7yrs.), impressive list of credentials as an Atlanta falcons Linebacker # 56. He is also the Founder of The Keith Brooking Children’s Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to serving foster children and the organizations that serve and support them throughout metro Atlanta area. The foundation strives to promote positive values through uniquely designed programs which encourage education, good health and self worth. By Kimberly Brown

Lamar Wilson, Blairsville, Georgia. Winning Samaritan: Big Man, Big Heart. Lamar was someone you looked up to, literally. He had a great outlook on life and enjoyed helping people. He went home to be with the Lord on August 2, 2015, but he will be remembered as a special man with a great personality. By Betsy Ramsey.

Lauren Craig, Atlanta, Georgia. Winning Merchant: Basically stumbled onto her dream job by volunteering her services to spread the word about one of her favorite musical acts, and now she is the driving force behind eight different musically themed, fan interactive, cruises that feature such acts as Barenaked Ladies, Lynard Skynard, Lyle Lovett, and John Mayer. By Marc Pruitt

Dr. Mary Long , Cumming Georgia. Winning Doctor: Takes her passion for women’s health beyond that of a generic physician. She operates in a no-nonsense way that puts patients at ease and gets results. In 2012, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Long myself, and quickly realized her true gift for healing. Within mere hours of our meeting, she had diagnosed me with a potentially fatal complication and delivered my daughter at 30 weeks gestation. Since that time, Dr. Long has remained a faithful friend and source of guidance and support for my overall wellbeing and that of my family. She is a winner, and she does deserve any honor bestowed upon her. By Meagan Cline

Paula Sartain. Athens, Georgia. Winning Samaritan, Readers’ Choice: Paula Sartain is a business owner in Athens, GA. She runs a home care company that goes out of its way to take care of its patients, most of which are on Medicaid or are elderly citizens not wishing to leave their homes to go into a nursing home. She has overcome many personal struggles, including alcoholism, and she strives to take care of her family, clients, and staff every day. She is an inspiration in leadership and personal success. By Lynda Abernath

Rick Mahaffie, Augusta Georgia, Winning Educator: Evans High School- Augusta, GA thanksMr. Mahaffie was my 11′th grade high school teacher at Evans high school in Augusta, Georgia. He absolutely changed the way I view education. His enthusiasm and vitality in the classroom sparked my interest into the wonderful world of History. Mr. Mahaffie showed me that success is attainable and that I should never give up on my dreams. By Kristen L. Gilliam

Todd Semrau, Atlanta, Georgia, Winning Pioneer: Todd was working as a manager in a department store and living in a part of Atlanta that had once been a thriving community, but over the course of the years and as a result of the “white flight” phenomenon of the 1970s, Todd had a vision of seeing his community East Atlanta once again become the bustling community of young singles and families it had once been. He theorized that if there were a couple of nice restaurants, shops, and coffeehouses in the neighborhood, people living there would once again take pride in their neighborhood and others would be drawn to the community. In 1995, Todd opened the first of numerous new neighborhood eateries and retail establishments in the neighborhood. Today, East Atlanta is thriving and has become one of the hottest addresses in the Atlanta area. This man’s pioneering vision totally revitalized a community. Since then, he has done the same thing in many of Atlanta’s other neighborhoods in need of re-gentrification. By Dawn Sloan Downes

Walter Searcy, Macon, Georgia.Winning Citizen: Walter is a disabled man who has put the Macon dogpark on the map. He is a local, who facilitates the park, and gets people involved with his trademark: “People and Pets.” I’m working with him as a committee member on how to improve the park, promote awareness, and bring in money to keep it safe and clean for everyone to enjoy! By Eran S. Kemp