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Candy Suiso, Waianae, Hawaii. Winning Educator:  Candy is a huge inspiration to the students in the small Hawaiian town where I live (Waianae).  She has toiled tirelessly for Waianae’s youth for over twenty five years and actually started her own school last year.  She is well-known and respected in our island community and her story has wide appeal. By Lindsey Breegan

“Foggy” Gary Cole, Naalehu, Hawaii. Winning Entertainer: “Foggy’s” Hawaiian Country Blues lyrics permeate gentle melodies like breakers on rugged shores. “Da’ Road Show” provides new artist networking opportunities. Foggy’s classical fossilized ivory scrimshaws, emote the qualities of his music. He’s hosted a radio series and taught children to paint. He writes. Find Foggy roadside sellin’ mangos and strummin’. He’s not “foggy” By Rowan DeSantis

James “Duke” Aiona Jr., Honolulu Hawaii. Winning Citizen: He is our State’s former Lt. Governor. He is a man of deep faith and conviction. He spent 8 years as Lt. Governor and never shied away from expressing his commitment to his faith (Catholic). He ran for Governor in 2010 and, as would be expected, he boldly declared his faith and clearly stated his position on key issues. While he didn’t win the race, he could walk away from his 8 years in the public arena with his head held high and his relationship with God fully intact. Prior to becoming Lt. Governor, he was a family court judge. Today, he is Executive Vice President at his high school alma mater, Saint Louis High School. By Sherrie Coronas

KUGA, Kauai, Hawaii. Winning Educator: There is a special winner in my community. It’s actually a group of three ladies who, together, started a dance studio in Kauai. KUGA (Kauai Underground Artists) is a nonprofit organization that teaches kids to be creative with their minds and bodies. Through KUGA these three ladies are reaching out to youths in the community and in a local middle school where, after school, they teach hip hop and spoken word classes. Kids are breaking free from the dead-end sex & drug mentalities as they develop confidence and a sense of uniqueness through creativity. By Suzy Riedman

Saundra McKenna, Kauai, Hawaii. Winning Writer: She wrote the book, THE PHYTOGENETIC HORMONE SOLUTION; the book is distributed/published through a well-known publishing house. In the past, she has worked as a mid-wife and currently does consultations for women, helping them to live healthier lives through holistic means. She is currently in Los Angeles, meeting an executive at Vine Entertainment, as they are interested in one of the many screenplays she has written. Her spirit and creativity are truly inspirational. By Marci Winters

Sharon Kim. Honolulu, Hawaii. Winning Samaritan. Readers Choice™: After her mom passed away from uterine sarcoma cancer, Sharon quit her full-time job and used her psychology/marketing/business skills to create a one of a kind cancer planner designed to guide patients towards recovery. She has touched the lives of many cancer fighters around the globe by providing them with hope and a useful tool that teaches them to change the way they fight cancer. Her goal is to disrupt the health system all together and advocate for better treatment options, higher quality care and affordability amongst every social class. By Dayna Tamashiro

Skylar, Makiki Hawaii.  Winner Against the Odds: At only eleven years old, Skylar is the youngest entrepreneur in the state of Hawaii, but that is not the only thing that makes her unique. She founded her business Hi Sky after being diagnosed with lupus so kids could learn about sun protection while staying fashionable. By Jenee Dana

Tristen and Keanu Ellen, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. Winning Samaritans: These brothers established TKO Helping Hands over 14 years ago and have fed thousands of homeless, traveled to 7 countries and have taken fod, toys, school supplies and medical supplies to orphans in Africa, Thailand, French Polynesia, Indonesia, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Japan, Russia and more. Their programs simply engage children and families in Turning Kindness on. You can see their work on UTube. By Mandy Yamauchi-Ellen