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Indiana Community Hall of Fame

Blair Peebles, Indianapolis, Indiana, Winning Health Technician: I nominate Blair Peebles because he serves the community with an unwavering commitment. His dedication Director of Community Tissue Services in Indianapolis, Indiana, ensures that vitally needed grafts (Skin, bone, tendons, heart and veins) are procured, so they can be distributed to recipients who desperately depend on them for maintaining their well-being.. By George Kramer

Brian Feldmier, New Martinsville Indiana. Winning Citizen/Samaritan: Brian Feldmier owns a local flower and gift shop. He also organizes with a group of independent people to do a week long outreach in Honduras every year. This year the team built three homes for people who previously lived in a garbage dump. Brian also does whatever he can to support local artisans by featuring them in his shop. He is the real deal, loving and kind to all, and full of genuine love and compassion. I admire him so, and would love to help spread his story to others. By Erika Quiroz

Erin Light, Indianapolis, Indiana. Winning Parent and Citizen: Readers’ Choice. With two children, ages 4 and 2, the eldest has severe peanut and dairy allergies. Erin had been living with undiagnosed ADHD until 6 months ago. ADHD has become taboo but has serious effects on quality of life! Erin is active in her community and organized a fundraiser which raised $1,700 for a family looking to adopt. Erin’s story of living with ADHD while adapting to life with a child with severe allergies is truly inspiring! By Cole Wilgus

Isaac and Kati Helms, Greenfield Indiana. Winning Samaritans, Readers’ Choice, May 2012: Working with the Pioneers Mission Agency, the young couple plans to establish an orphanage to serve villagers in northern Peru. The missionaries also plan to help grow churches among the nearby Urarina, an isolated tribe with an estimated population of 3,300 living along the Maranon River. Isaac and Kati continue to work on fundraising for the project, which they hope to begin in early 2013. Both have previously participated in short-term mission projects in Latin America. Isaac currently works at Hancock Regional Hospital in Greenfield. Kati has been working as a substitute teacher. They are expecting their first child. By Kevin Lamiman

Jillian Reed. Anderson, Indiana. Winning Youth, Readers Choice™, May 2015In February 2015, Jillian Reed, a normal 10-year-old girl went to see her eye doctor. Complaining of headaches, the eye doctor investigated and found something rare for a child of Jillian’s age – Stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), one of the most aggressive forms of brain cancer known to science. Currently, there is no cure. Jillian and her family have uprooted their lives to seek the best treatment possible for Jillian. Being the beautiful child that she is, she continues to remain positive and exhibit wisdom and courage beyond her years. Her family has established a Facebook page called Jillian’s Journey, and recently set up a “Go Fund Me” account in the hope of raising money for their travel and living expenses, and raising awareness of the devastating nature of this cancer. By Meagan Cline

Megan, Elkhart, Indiana, Winning Youth: I recommend this young girl, named Megan from Elkhart, Indiana, because it showed to me that when faced with conquering fears that can be so paralyzing on the biggest ropes course in the Midwest, she proved that she could not only overcome it, but she could also be a beacon of encouragement for the rest of the kids who suffered the same fears she had. By Thomas A. Russell

Phyllis Auspaugh, Mount Vernon, Indiana. Winning Citizen: Unfavorable circumstance clouds our days capriciously, yet storm clouds break, sunlight streaks through, and rainbow colors bridge dark to light. Spirits are lifted. Celebrating her diamond birthday anniversary, Ms. Phyllis Auspaugh’s selflessness has cast vivid coloring as such across the gray lives of crestfallen Mt. Vernon residents coursing 35 years… and counting. By Mike McMillen