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Kansas Community Hall Of Fame


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Kansas Community Hall Of Fame

Rachelle Wilson. Park City, Kansas. Winning Mother/Benefactor: Rachelle Wilson a good person in our communityh who has a son with a rare genetic disorder called 1p36 deletion with a 12q duplication. Her son has had to go through many surgeries and has been to many doctors. She is also a sucessful member of TOPS and opened her home to my husband and me when we were homeless. She makes meals for those who are less fortunate. She’s been through a lot in her life and still takes the time to go to church and help people while taking care of her very ill son who most likely won’t make it to adulthood. That is why I beleive her story should be told to the readers of Winners Within Us Magazine. By Heather Bentrup

Riccardo Harris, Wichita, Kansas. Winning Educator/Readers’ Choice: A local church pastor, high school math teacher and basketball coach, Ricardo met with a terrible tragedy. In the wake of this, he has chosen to reach out to help educate and enlighten others in hopes that his words will make a difference and perhaps save another family from the terrible heartache that he and his family has had to endure. By Okemah Holloway