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Charles Thames, Bowling Green Kentucky. Winning Citizen/Readers Choice: Charles Thames served four years on  fire service in Kentucky as well as a year with wild land fires in New Mexico. However, he has stopped that work after receiving multiple honors and medals in his career field to simply get a degree that would help further the efforts of medical service assistance in the media. That is important because as he says, “The victims get left out while the rest of the world plays politics.” The readers have selected this exceptional human who is truly a hero in multiple communities.  By Christian Grace

Cole Amann. Ft. Thomas, Kentucky. Winner Against the Odds: Cole Amann is an 18-year-old senior at Highlands High School where he has assisted the football coaches during the football season. They consider him a valuable asset. He also plays flag football and basketball and participates in state tournaments…for Special Olympics. Cole is autistic and lives with cerebral palsy. Until he underwent surgery in April 2015, he had never been able to use his left arm. He is known for his heart; he always overlooks himself and is more concerned about the well-being and lives of others. He is a champ in every form. By Crystal Collinsworth

Kenneth Crawford, Corbin, Kentucky. Winning Father: Kenneth Crawford gave up his education and quit school to work in the coal mines at the age of 9, to help provide for his parents and 3 younger brothers. In later years this cost him his life, a victim of Black Lung Disease. He spent years in Alaska, where he built houses in subzero temperatures. At times the skin of his hands would be left behind on the heavy ax he held cutting into frozen trees to help populate the never ending territory. He even helped his father run moonshine as an industrious teenager in the great mountains of Appalachia. He provided food for his loving wife and 4 small children,by hunting and fishing and never complaining of all of the time he spent doing it. There are great stories to share with the world about this man who is no longer with us. He was an exceptional man and everyone needs to hear what an inspirational life he led. By TK Hash

The Mary Rose Mission, Florence Kentucky, Winning Samaritan: It is a soup kitchen located in Florence, Kentucky, an unlikely place for such a mission since most people associate soup kitchens with inner cities. The Mary Rose Mission is a non-profit Catholic organization founded by Sandy Rasmussen to allow people the opportunity to ‘love as God loves’. Since March 14, 2013, the organization has served a hot meal every Saturday and Sunday, and now they have added serving a hot meal on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. They are all volunteer. By Patricia A. Scheyer

Ramsi Kamar, Fisherville Kentucky. Winning Businessman: Up until recently, Kamar was known only for his success in his restaurant Ramsi’s Café on the World. Two years ago he created the Raising Hope Organic Farm. This farm was built with the intentions of being able to feed the residents of Kentucky with organic, homegrown food. Ramsi doesn’t farm to make money and he does it with genuine care of the food, from the time it’s in the ground to the time it reaches your kitchen. Ramsi stated, “”It’s a lifestyle. We’re connecting with people … with each other and with God. This is what man is supposed to do.” Ramsi Kamar was 1 out of 3 Kentucky farmers who received the “Food Heroes Award” created by Seed Capital Kentucky. This award is well deserved as his passion for the food shows his authenticity as a farmer. By Chelsea Wheeler

Rian Dugar & Tabethia Jones. St Louis Missouri. Winning Artists/Benefactors: Together they created Team 2.0 in 2011, a dance duo that combines ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop and many other styles, in essence forming a “New Style” of dance. Their prodigious talents have earned them notable recognition in St. Louis as they perform and teach classes frequently around St. Louis and have begun to expand nationwide. They’ve performed at World Of Dance NYC and at the Empire State Building. They use dance as a vehicle to help at-risk kids by keeping them off the street, using dance as an outlet instead of fighting or acting out. Team 2.0 has positively impacted a number of youth, and some adults, through their workshops. By Lesley Yvonne Hunter