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Bridge, Baltimore Maryland. Winner Against the Odds: My nomination is a 4 year old little girl named Bridge and her family. We live here in Baltimore , MD and I was her teacher at daycare. At age 2 , Bridget fell very ill just out of the blue and after a few days we found out it was her tiny heart. Bridget needed a new heart , but she stayed strong until that perfect new heart came. Bridget came through surgery with flying colors and now shows her scare proudly. Soon after surgery, Bridget and her family had red bracelets made to give away to anyone who donated money to help families pay for children’s medications, including Bridget’s own, that she still has to take every day for the rest of her life. Bridget and her family aren’t only winners , they are an inspiration as well. By Ashley Boughan

Deborah Wiles, Towson Maryland. Winning Educator: Debra is a college professor and author. She went through a painful divorce and had to raise her kids alone and this led her on the path to writing. She was an old writing professor of mine and she inspired me to want to write because of her passion for it and because she encouraged me and others also to follow our dreams and never give up. She made me believe in myself and that I had actual talent. By Heather Granruth

Evaine Mccray ( a.k.a. Van), Baltimore Maryland. Winner Against the Odds: A Rose that grew from Concrete! Many Professionals study the reflexology and resilience of matter but none can compare to the resilience of this “strong black woman”. This woman has the “countenance of a Lamb but the Iron heart of a Lion” By AJ Mitchell

Mr. Gentile, Maryland.  Winning Citizen: He is a Maryland native and graduated from the Law school of George Washington University. It is quite fitting that Mr. Gentile has been engaged in the general practice of law for forty years. He has represented parties in thousands of cases and in over thousands of trials, jury and non-jury.  His desire is to help people get through all the extra policies. By Sophie Yang

Heather Johnson. Chestertown Maryland. Winner Against the Odds: Suicide is a difficult tragedy that far too many families and friends have been through. Heather is a woman who has been through such a tragedy. She has a story of transformation, from the pain of losing someone close to becoming a large help to the community as well as her friends and family. Along with ways you can help as well, there are ways you can foresee something like this coming. By Macy Fluharty

Helping Hands of the Eastern Shore, Barclay, Maryland. Winning Benefactors: They are a group that started on Facebook and help people in need who may need items and help with repairing their homes.  This group has been getting alot of attention in the area and I believe that it would be nice to do an article about them. By Chad

Jessica Moore, Forest Hill Maryland. Winning Mother: Jessica lost her husband not long ago due to a brain aneurism. She was left with three young children to raise by herself and her strength, courage, and determined attitude got her through it. I would like to write about her because I admire her so much and think she is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. By Heather Granruth

Lauren Beckley, Montgomery Village, Maryland.Winning Citizen:  Vet technician Lauren Beckley knows that powerful change starts with one person. Keenly aware of the hardships facing our pet population, she is positively impacting animals and people. She’s extremely focused on educating people about puppy mills, overpopulation, and the appalling reality that most surrendered pets have only 72 hours to find a new home before being “euthanized” – a term Lauren feels attempts to soften the traumatic death walks of healthy, adoptable animals. Currently, she finds responsible guardians for pets that overwhelmed owners can no longer keep. Her goal is to rally more helping hearts and hands by increasing awareness of how we treat our vulnerable pet population. Lauren believes in the compassionate hearts of people, that when myths are exposed and facts are revealed, Americans will do the right thing for man’s best friend. By Irene Saah

Lisa and Nevin Randle, Edgewood Maryland. Winning Benefactors: It all began with a rabbit. An abandoned and very sickly rabbit named Luna, who then inspired her caretakers, Lisa and Nevin Randle, to found Luna’s House, where they continue to shelter and foster small animals, including cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, and of course, rabbits. Their compassion and generosity has inspired a community network of foster homes and their difficult but rewarding struggle lends meaning and purpose to a world often lacking in both. By Steph Lee