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Missouri Community Hall Of Fame

Dr. Bob, Springfield, Missouri. Winner in Business: Robert Martin, known as Dr. Bob to his friends and patrons, is the owner of Nathan P. Murphy’s, a live music establishment in Springfield, MO that has a wonderful history of live music, including being a home to famous jazz, blues and rock musicians. Sadly, Nathan P. Murphy’s is going bankrupt, and the loss of this musical landmark will be a tragedy. Nathan P. Murphy’s and Dr. Bob are a true treasure to the rich culture of music in Springfield, as well as nationwide, supporting up and coming musicians and artists, as well as established performers, with his live music venue and radio program. By Tamara Repo

Justin Semahoro, St Louis Missouri. Winning Samaritan: Semahoro is the founder of Imuhira International, a non-profit based in St. Louis, MO that’s dedicated to preserving and to spreading awareness about the Banyamulenge and other Congolese tribes. The Banyamulenge community is a marginalized group of people from the Eastern part of Congo, stricken by a civil war in their country. Semohoro is one of the lucky ones who was able to come to the United States and help tell their story. “We want to take care of the suffering and bring peace to the country,” said Semahoro. He’s agreed to interview with me if his story ever went to press. Semahoro is an outstanding young man who currently works at a major hospital in the STL area as a translator. By Allison Reilly

Rian Dugar & Tabethia Jones, St Louis Missouri, Winning Artists/Benefactors. Readers Choice: Together they created Team 2.0 in 2011, a dance duo that combines ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop and many other styles, in essence forming a “New Style” of dance. Their prodigious talents have earned them notable recognition in St. Louis as they perform and teach classes frequently around St. Louis and have begun to expand nationwide. They’ve performed at World Of Dance NYC and at the Empire State Building. They use dance as a vehicle to help at-risk kids by keeping them off the street, using dance as an outlet instead of fighting or acting out. Team 2.0 has positively impacted a number of youth, and some adults, through their workshops. By Lesley Yvonne Hunter

Ron Peters, St Louis, Missouri, Winning Writer: Ron Peters is a writer who has self published many books under the company name Iron Pyramid Publications. He is an extraordinary writer whose writings remind me of the surreal work of Rod Serling. By Joan Voss

Sophia Carol, St. Louis Missouri. Winning Youth/Benefactor/Entrepreneur. Readers Choice: Twelve year-old Sophia Carroll is no ordinary twelve year old–she has always been one that stands up to bullying, especially when it comes to her peers.?? Impacted by both adolescent bullying and Mike Brown’s death in Ferguson, Sophia designed her own T-shirt, showcasing the logo ‘COLORBLIND,’ promoting unity amongst not just races, but all people.?? The theme gained popularity and Sophia’s COLORBLIND T-shirts have been shipped nationwide.?? What’s more is that Sophia donates 50% of the T-shirt monies to the Megan Meier Foundation, in memory of Megan Meier, a young teenager who committed suicide after enduring cyber bullying. By Lesley Yvonne Hunter

Tracy Pierce, Republic, Missouri. Winning Parent/Winner against the Odds: My mother decided to go back to college when she turned 43, takes care of a five-person household, runs her own face painting/henna tattoo business and has been fighting with nerve damage and osteoarthritis in her spine the past four years. There are days she can’t even move enough to get around the house, and yet she has decided that it is not too late to pursue her dream of obtaining a degree in art, good health or not. She has made the Honor Roll and maintains a 4.0 GPA despite having to travel hours away to doctor’s appointments. She hopes to minor in sign language and use her art skills to work with deaf children. By Philip Pierce

Yvonne Weiss, Joplin Missouri. Winner against the odds: Weight Loss Winner Yvonne Weiss is no loser. At age 32 she weighed 405 pounds. Her doctor told her, “You must lose weight or you won’t live long.” With encouragement from her father, she took control of her destiny. It took two decades with some setbacks but at age 53 she weighed 160 pounds and has maintained that weight. She says, “The one thing that I am most proud of–more than losing 260 pounds–is the fact that now, in a crisis, I don’t turn to food.” This article will trace her spiral up to 405 pounds and how she took control of her life, lost the weight, and kept it off. By Diana West