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Bob Giordano, Missoula Montana. Winning Environmentalist: He is involved in unique selfless commitment to a stronger, healthier, happier, heartier, humbler community.  Bob’s commitment is sustainable transportation, and is providing artisans the space and materials to build the world’s first 21-passenger, pedal-powered, 14 mph bus.   Once a year, one of the dozens of parks here in Missoula provides space to build a stunning pyramid of donated bicycles, promoting his focus on the simplicity and inventiveness of bicycle maintenance and design.  By Steve Zeiler

Heather Adams. Missoula, Montana. Winning Artists/Benefactor: Right in the heart of downtown Missoula Montana, Heather Adams is teaching adults who have never tangoed in their lives how to dance. Adams established the Downtown Dance Collective in 2007. The DDC also hosts the Artist in Residence program, which showcases Missoula’s artists, writers, musicians and directors and gives them the opportunity to demonstrate their craft in their respective fields. She has touched many lives in the community of Missoula and beyond, and is known as a strong leader and a great friend in her community. By Rebecca Keith

Za, Missoula Montana. Winning Ergonomicist: She is trying to change the world forever for people in wheelchairs.  Imagine wheeling into a kitchen, where she has reinvented ergonomics, or  wheeling out to your garden, and  or wheeling by a putt-putt hole, just for entertainment.  Za has created something that will inspire every community to pay heed. She  is focused on building a destination for people in wheelchairs.  By Steve Zeiler