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Benjamin Rodriguez MD, Las Vegas Nevada. Winning Doctor: Dr. Rodriguez has been performing cosmetic surgical procedures for over thirty years in the Las Vegas community. Doctor Rodriguez donates his time traveling to impoverished areas of the world doing reconstructive surgery on people who are disfigured through birth defects or some other tragic event. He also participates extensively in fundraising for local charities. By John Stuart

Bevan Dalley, Overton Nevada. Winner Against the Odds: Bevan Dalley is a barber whose tiny shop was a primary source of information for nearly every man in a small Nevada town for four decades. Bevan knew just about everything about everyone. Then one day Bevan suddenly became the news instead of the source when in the blink of an eye he cut three and half fingers off his left hand. It happened so fast Bevan said he forget to cuss. The life-altering accident could have crushed his spirit but Bevan not only carries on, his positive attitude about life is inspirational. By Mike Donahue

Chesa Keane, Reno Nevada. Winning Entertainer: She has intermittently served as a computer correspondent for KRNV News Channel 4  and KOLO News Channel 8 in Reno. She is best recognized by her trade name  – the Computer Goddess®. Chesa Keane earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Arizona State University, graduating summa cum laude. Chesa’s life philosophy is based on finding happiness for self and others through Buddhism in daily living. Her belief is that you can attain anything you desire with a positive attitude, gratitude for what you have and a compassion for others. Chesa is a member of SGI-USA, a Nichiren Daishonin Buddhist organization. By Elbert Magee

Laurie Willmott, Las Vegas, Nevada. Winning Benefactor: A definite “Winner Within” our community and the founder and CEO of Spirit Therapies, a nonprofit public charity in Las Vegas. It is a therapeutic horseback riding program serving mentally and physically challenged children and US Veterans. Laurie is a special lady with such a passion for both the special needs horses who are “four-legged therapists” and the special needs clients Spirit serves.  Laurie started Spirit 10 years ago and remains committed to its mission statement: “Spirit Therapies is a non-profit therapeutic riding center that positively impacts the lives of the physically and mentally challenged through connecting with trained therapy horses, certified instructors and compassionate volunteers. We will educate and bring awareness of this valuable therapy to the public, and one day be able to offer therapeutic riding free of charge.” By Donna Streeter

Linda Smith, Las Vegas, Nevada. Winning Benefactor: A one-time model and dancer, she is now Chief Development Officer of Opportunity Village, one of the nation?s leading independent charitable organizations for people with mental retardation, brain injury, and other intellectual disabilities. When Linda’s son was born with Down syndrome over 30 years ago, she decided to volunteer at Opportunity Village, a tiny charitable organization operating out of a house. Today, it offers paying work to more than 600 people with intellectual disabilities at two large campuses, thanks to Linda?s fundraising abilities and tireless efforts on their behalf. Thousands of people with intellectual disabilities and their families have better lives because of her, and she’s currently running a $35 million capital campaign to build yet another campus. Everyone from George H.W. Bush to Robin Williams to Celine Dion has visited Opportunity Village. By Rick Moore

Pamela Mayne, Reno Nevada. Winning Citizen: Is responsible for keeping over 30,000 lbs of fruit out of the landfill in our hometown in the past 6 years.  Founder of the Reno Gleaning Project, Pamela (a volunteer herself) organizes volunteers to glean the surplus fruit that hangs on trees across our city.  Without volunteers to harvest it, this fruit would go to waste but with a few helping hands, the viable produce is donated to the local food bank and the rotten fruit goes to feed local pigs.  Says Pamela, “I want homeowners, pickers, everyone to know that there is food in our community.” By Josie Luciano

Warren Morgan, Dayton Nevada. Winning Athlete: He is an 87 year old Dayton, Nevada resident who began swimming competitively in high school and went on to become an All American. He is still swimming competitively today and has been known to beat men 20 years younger despite surviving bladder, colon, and skin cancer.
He would make an amazing addition to the winners family. By Bonnie Morgan