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Oregon Community Hall of Fame Members

Amaya Egusquiza, Corvallis Oregon, Winning Educator: The education director at Majestic Theatre and champion of children. By Pat Amacher

Amy Kristiansen, Albany Oregon. Winning Mother: She always strives to put herself first in everything she does. She has run her own in-home daycare for two years watching 2 year-olds to 10 year-olds. She was a preschool teacher for fifteen years prior to that and could balance life, family, a job, and going to school better then anyone else I know. At one point she was going to school taking 21 credits to work towards her Associates Degree, working full time and taking care of her growing family. At that time my sister was still in grade school. No matter what life throws at her she can juggle just about anything. My mother was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 40 and had a hard time accepting that fact. She’d struggled with her weight for quite some time prior to her doctor breaking her that news. In January of 2009 she went through major surgery and is down 95 lbs since then. I have loved my mother through thick and through thin times and no matter how ugly she felt I’ve always found her beautiful and my best friend. By Livvie Christiansen

Anastasia Seleshanko, Cottage Grove, Oregon, Winner Against the Odds/Winning Youth: She is a vibrant two year old. She is sweet, shy and loving and always willing to “help” with things around the house. Except for her slight build you would never know she was born premature (after only 25 weeks in utero) at only 1 lb. 15 oz. Needless to say, she spent the first months of her life in the NICU and was blessed when her parents were able to take her home on Christmas Eve. By Niki Hampton

Austin Leahy, Albany, Oregon. Winning Citizen/Winner Against the Odds: One night there was an explosion and a ball of flame at the back of the house next door. Without hesitation, Austin grabbed the fire extinguisher from its holder by his upstairs apartment door and rushed to his neighbor’s home to put out the fire. He succeeded and because of his heroic action, no one was hurt and damage was contained. Way to go, Austin!  By Alex Scandalios and Bryan Rose

Barbara Sobo-Gast, Corvallis Oregon, Winning Artist: I met Barbara while I was a grad student working at the OSU Craft Center where she was the director. She has been a high profile and flamboyant advocate for the arts, creative expression and public presentation of and exposure to art as a path with heart that serves and supports the building of community. By Michael R Coffey

Bernie Foster, Portland Oregon, Winning Journalist: Publisher of The Skanner Newspaper in North Portland. Bernie has helped many citizens of all ages in North and Northeast Portland to accomplish their goals.By K. Shawn Edgar

Bill Schonely, Portland Oregon, Winning Broadcaster: The former Trail Blazer play-by-play man is no longer behind the mic, but he’s still a big part of the Blazers organization, and has helped the team recapture the love of Portland hoops fans. It only takes a pat on the back and a warm hello from the Schonz to make you understand why he’s been so beloved in Portland over the past 30 years. Schonely has been a winner in every aspect of life, announcing baseball, hockey and even pro wrestling, all the while positively affecting everyone he meets. Oh yeah, and he’s got some great stories! By Jeremy Lloyd

Brad Tisdel, Sisters Oregon. Winning Educator: Brad is the co-founder and creator of the Americana Project (introducing “roots music” to students), Artistic Director of the Sisters Folk Festival and the founder of the Americana Song Academy (a three-day songwriting camp teaching adults the craft of songwriting and dynamics of the acoustic music industry.) Well-known throughout Oregon for his musical talent and devotion to the arts, an article about him would provide a fascinating behind-the-scenes look into Brad’s life, musical influences, and passion for expanding the Americana Project across the US. By Bill Mintiens

Brandon Roy, Portland Oregon. Winning Athlete: Last year’s NBA rookie of the year showed what he was made of when, rather than going for the fast money and joining the pros early, he decided to stay in college and improve his game. It paid off big time last season as Roy was honored as the league’s top rookie. But it wasn’t just on the floor, Roy’s positive approach to life and hard work has helped change the Blazers’ image from the inside out. By Jeremy Lloyd

Bruce & Judy Hecht, Corvallis Oregon. Winning Humanitarians: We would like to nominate our friends, who are the founders of the CoHo cohousing project at Crystal Lake & Alexander in South Corvallis. CoHo recently opened with dozens of families moving in just last month. Cohousing is a European model of intentional community, where members participate in self-government, eat a few meals together in their common house, and work together to reduce the “ecological footprint” by building more efficiently, sharing common space, and reserving part of their common land for green space and wildlife habitat. Bruce & Judy have also been involved in the Natural Step program, Environmental Center, soup kitchens, food banks and other community projects. By Ocean Liff-Anderson, Proprietor FireWorks Restaurant & Catering

Cathy Dark, Corvallis Oregon, Winning Dancer: Founded the Cool Shoes Ballroom Dance Troupe at OSU (an intriguing choice for a dancer with a background in folk dance!). The group performs for students (elementary, middle, high school) and senior citizens as well as competing professionally. In addition, Cathy adopted a toddler from China almost four years ago. By Lizanne Southgate

Christine Evison, Medford Oregon. Winner Against the Odds: “I have been widowed, lost an unborn child, lost a son to murder at the hands of a man with a gun, endured betrayal, survived abusive relationships and through it all, I have learned, I am not alone. There are many survivors and there is a peace and comfort in knowing that. In my 20 years experience as a EA in special education , I also have seen the beauty that results from the “tragedy” of a child born with multiple disabilities and what each child has to teach and to give. I am currently, a foster mom of a special needs child. It is a challenging and rewarding experience. Daily we share the trials, joys, humor, and small victories of our new family…;) I also rescue horses and also enjoy the beauty of Southern Oregon while horse camping and trail riding. I volunteer for a non-profit that provides equine assisted activities for persons with disabilities and witness first hand the miracles that horses bring into their lives. I am passionate about horses because of the miraculous healing power they bring to me and others. Happiness can be reclaimed one breath at a time, one step at a time, one day at a time.” By WWUs

Claudine, Corvallis Oregon. Winning Benefactor: A French WWII war bride, now a Corvallis resident in her 80s, who teaches Feldenkreis, is active in her church and tells wonderful stories… By Lizanne Southgate.

Cricket Bebee, Corvallis, Oregon, Winner Against the Odds: She is an 8-year-old little girl with brain cancer. She was in my daughter’s class at school before she got sick, and she’s been fighting really hard to win her battle. I think she is an excellent candidate for a story. Her mom is single, working full time to pay the medical bills. They had someone doing fundraising for them, and the person ended up stealing most of the money that was raised. I think Cricket deserves to be recognized as a winner. By Elizabeth Uriarte

Cy Stadsvold, Corvallis Oregon, Winning Architect: Cy Stadsvold is a Corvallis architect, one of the team that designed Renaissance on the Waterfront, Corvallis’ first green residential building. The concept is to incorporate sustainability into the planning and construction of new and remodeled buildings. In an effort to preserve them for future generations, Cy has collected works of art since he taught architecture at OSU in the 60s. He now owns works by many acclaimed artists, some of whom are local (such as Nelson Sandgren). By Pat Amacher.

Daniel and Jessica Davenport, Cottage Grove, Oregon, Winning Humanitarians: They lost their 2 1/2 month old adopted son to cancer only one short year ago. Out of their grief they have joined Relay for Life and are telling their story to renew people’s fight against cancer. I heard them speak in Cottage Grove. Relay for Life is the signature fundraiser of the American Cancer Society. Relay for Life started in 1985 with one small event and a vision from one man, Dr. Gordy Klatt in Tacoma, Washington, who saw a need for more funds at his local ACS office. He walked/ran around the University of Puget Sound joined by some of his friends and raised $27,000 that first year on his own. Relay for Life is now global in over 22 countries around the world (4800 relay a year) and raised billions of dollars a year that go to research grants and other ACS programs that raise the quality of life for cancer patients and survivors . By Niki Hampton

Dave Eckert, Corvallis, Oregon, Winning Environmentalist: Eckert, a documentary film maker and environmentalist, continues to break new ground in sustainability and the enviroment. His new project combines documentary film making with grass-roots sustainability. He is starting a project at the First Alternative Co-op in South Corvallis that will collect rainwater from the store’s roof and store it for use on the business’s landscaping. As he does this, he will film the project’s process, from the installation of the collection tank to its eventual use by First Alternative Co-op. By Diane Safford

Dave Ribbe, Cottage Grove, Oregon, Winner Against the Odds: Dave Ribbe is an enigma around town. He can be seen all hours of the day or night on a stretch of old Highway 99 just south of town. What is he doing? Cleaning up the neighborhood, picking up trash, and taking it to the landfill. Why does he do it? In his own words, “To combat depression.” Dave is also the owner of Dave’s Corner Market in Cottage Grove; the little store with the giant colorful mural of the Virgin Guadalupe on the side. His story of why he chose to have her painted on his store and how this connects with his solution for depression is a fantastic tale of personal triumph over a debilitating condition that could have killed him, but instead empowers him to do good. Dave is a shining example for all of us on how to turn lemons into lemonade. By Deborah McManman

Don Langenberg, Corvallis, Oregon, Winning Coach: I nominate Don Langenberg, he excelled as the Head Coach of Crescent Valley High School for at least seven years that I know of, retiring last year only because his family needed him. During his stewardship he always put he good of the wrestlers first, even if it meant losing the meet. I wrestled under his coaching for 4 years, lettering each year, and each year we won the won the State Student Athlete Championship for the Team with the highest GPA for all high schools in the entire state of Oregon, regardless of size. They won it an additional year when I was not on the team. In my last two years on the team ½ of the wrestlers we sent to Districts placed. More important than these statistics, however, the Coach loved and cared about us. He spent a lot of his own money on mats, equipment, and uniforms. On the road he always treated us to meals. When we were in trouble, scholastically or otherwise, he was there for us. In fact, the story in the Summer 2007 issue about Sham (see http://winnerswithinus.com/Shamseddeen_Moussaoui.html ) mentions that a coach was the catalyst that helped him turn his life around. Don was that Coach. If ever anyone deserved Coach of the Year and Hall of Fame, it is Don Langenberg and I and my teammates appreciate him more than he could ever know. By Micah Tuttle.

Faye Stewart, Cottage Grove, Oregon. Winning Benefactor: He has one of the foundations here in town that does tons for our community. His latest endeavor is a huge new park for the community of Cottage Grove. By Niki Hampton

Fleur de Lis, Cottage Grove, Oregon. Winning Bakery: The newest addition to Cottage Grove’s Historic Downtown, this French bakery is offering delectable pastries and flaky croissants every day to the locals in Cottage Grove. The atmosphere is inviting and calm, cajoling you to sit at their chic tables for hours chatting and enjoying good company and great food. On grand opening day, they were forced to close in the early afternoon after their cases were completely emptied. They are proving to be a force to be reckoned with as owner, Eric Jegat, a native Parisan, bakes up such French classics as quiche, croissants, and many varieties of breakfast sandwiches. They relocated here after falling in love with the town after many visits, closing their successful bakery in Monterey, California to open one on Main St. in Cottage Grove, Oregon. By Niki Hammond

James Michael Redden, Albany Oregon. Winning TeacherHaving walked into a dying music program that’s flame had all but flickered out, James Michael Redden came to Linn Benton Community College as a young instructor with dreams of achieving great things. Unlike some budding directors whose heads are in the clouds, James came into this position with the tools to accomplish whatever he put his mind to. With a work ethic that got him a Bachelors degree at the early age of twenty, along with some sharpened skills from previous teaching experience, he drove a program consisting of two struggling choirs which held concerts that barely filled half an auditorium, to an internationally recognized, national award winning program with four choirs and two ensembles that sell out at nearly every concert in just two short years.By David Kent

“Jane Doe”. Springfield, Oregon. Winning Mother: There are families who are having to choose between paying for access to medical treatment or having a place to live. One such example is a middle-aged mom, “Jane Doe” for now, with a young adult son with cerebral palsy. Having lost her job and having limited funds for her son’s medical needs, she has chosen to live in a van to provide him the medical treatment he needs. By Kristi Koons

Jean Bonifas, Corvallis Oregon of Springboard Studios, Winning Entertainer: Last year’s Top of the Valley actor, comic, communications expert and developer of Right Brain Fitness. By Pat Amacher.
Jerome Henwood, Corvallis Oregon, Winning Heatlth Technician: I have in my many years of working in the personal growth and wellness communities met some truly remarkable people but have not had the occasion to meet many people that I consider to be true Masters in their field. Jerome Henwood who had (may still have) a massage therapy / bodywork practice in Corvallis for many years, was, however, a Master in that field. His hands and his deep and broad understanding of how the human machine is wired together prepared him not only to do work bordering on the miraculous as a massage therapist, but to educate his clients about their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual care as well. It has been in his life to impact many willing to be students of how to most successfully inhabit their own bodies! By Michael Coffey

Jerry Glanville, Portland Oregon, Winning Coach: PSU Head Coach. He’s been a winner at both the college and pro level, and it’s his unique attitude and love for life that has put him over the top. Jerry is a great guy, and seems to affect everyone he meets. By Jeremy Lloyd

Jess Lewis, Corvallis Oregon, Winning Citizen: He is the head maintenance person for OSU Athletics. He was a 2 varsity sport athlete for Oregon State an NCAA Champion in Wrestling, and he went to the Olympics in Mexico City. Then he became an addict and it is his successful battle and recovery from his drug addiction, and his willingness to speak to kids about the dangers of drugs, that makes him a true hero. He is a fascinating man who touches the hearts of many. By Jenna Santelli

Joseph Bronson, McMinnville, Oregon. Winning Educator: Seifu (instructor) at Mountain Warriors Kung Fu Academy teaches and lives Kung Fu – working hard towards great accomplishments. He inspires all ages to live every aspect of their lives to the fullest, from martial arts to personal food and reading choices, to serving their community. From living in a C.O.B. house, to raising an organic farm with his family, this warrior strives to live in harmony with everyone and everything around him. By Melody Frederic

Katherine Sagehorn of More Than A Facial, Philomath, Oregon. Winning Merchant: The visionary and founder of the 1st Annual Women’s Festival to be held at the Thyme Garden in Alsea in May her vision is to provide a forum for women in business to network as well as offer the women in the community an opportunity to play, celebrate, and learn! You can check out www.womensfestival.net and contact Katherine at 929-8800 or morethnafacial@peak.org. By Shannon Lee

Krista Parent, Lane County Oregon, Winning Educator: Krista Parent was recently named the nation’s Outstanding School Superintendent. Krista is the Superintendent for South Lane School District. By Terry Arnold

Kristina Seleshanko, Cottage Grove, Oregon, Winning Mother: Her daughter was born at 25 weeks in utero, making her 15 weeks premature. Her water broke then and against doctor’s wishes for her to abort the baby, she fought for her daughter. Anastasia (now two and thriving) was in NICU for quite a while and got to come home the week before Christmas. The story is amazing and inspiring and I am awed by my friend, Kristina’s, drive, fight and passion for her daughter. As a new mother myself, I understand her feelings of desperation to fight for her flailing infant. By the way, the baby was born at just over 1 lbs. By Niki Hampton

Kyle Jeffers, Corvallis Oregon. Winning Athlete: The starting center on OSU’s men’s basketball team and also a top student who will graduate after the winter term with a degree in Business Administration, devotes much of his free time making his community a better place. He is in charge of Operation Santa, which gathers donations from all the Pac-10 Conference Schools to be sent to the troops stationed in Iraq during the holidays. Additionally, he planned the Homecoming Bonfire as part of the Student Alumni Association, and has begun his newest project to collect 500 pairs of shoes for Nike, will grind them up and recycle them as part of the synthetic turf and stadiums. “I feel I’ve been able to show that student athletes can do more than play a sport and go to school,” he said. “They can get involved in many different ways.” Appeared in the Gazette times

Larry the Curb Cleanup Guy, Springfield, Oregon. Winning Citizen: When Larry found himself on the street after a bad home investment by his girlfriend, he did what any responsible dad would do – he made his own job. With his long-term girlfriend and 13-year old daughter safely with a roof over their heads, Larry stays on the street cleaning up curbs and vacant lots for the recyclable bottles and cans he finds. “Helps the community and it helps me,” Larry says. If it looks unkempt and uncared for, with the potential for found bottles and cans, Larry is there – “till things get better.” As Larry points out, “You’re a family before you lose everything. You’re still a family afterwards too.” By Kristi Koons

Laurie Childers, Corvallis, Oregon. Winning Benefactor: Married to John Belker and mother of 2 children, Julia and Jordan, she is an artist in ceramics, painting, music and singing who is very actively involved in her community. She teaches ceramics at LBCC Benton Center, volunteers in her son’s classroom, organizes the Second Saturdays benefit concert series (and performed at the first event). She is an active member of the local Quaker congregation. She volunteers as a stage set designer for the annual County Fair. She has spent extensive time living and working overseas, including with the UN, for whom she spent a number of years in Africa, helping the people. By Dianne Safford and Leah Bolger

Lorraine, Eugene Oregon. Winning Benefactor: Lorraine rose above the special education label to the accomplishment  of a  Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Oregon as Magna Cum  Laude. Thanks to Lorraine, we have “Next Step” recycling in Eugene,  Oregon. Her  program reuses  and recycles outdated and broken  technology. Computers are donated to families in need instead of ending  up in a landfill. By Shawnell Tolliver

Lowther Family, Kings Valley Oregon, Winning Family: They have been excellent benefactors of the Kings Valley Charter School since its inception. As a family they have worked together to dig holes, remove dirt, delivered gravel and have donated time, lumber, and money to the betterment of the school. By Mark Haselton, Kings Valley Charter School

March on  Madness, Ashland, Oregon. Winning Citizens: Representatives from the twenty six countries that repudiated Monsanto and GMO were listening in from all over the world to the spectacle that was about to happen….And there they were: about a million mechanical bees in army formation, followed by an army of drones, each carrying a super large GMO melon or tomato. Hackers from all over the world organized and grouped by Edward Snowden stood by to fly the drones… By Jindati DiCaprio

Margo VanOrden, Eugene Oregon. Winning Friend: She has lived in Eugene, OR for many years. She grew up in Oakland, CA. Margo is a well known citizen of Eugene, OR. She has a past that is very interesting to the ears of many people. She is an Oregon Ducks fan and loves to watch football. Margo’s goal in life is to have her own business that she can retire with enough income to support herself and her son. She has a few other people in mind that she wants taken care of also. Margo knows some people out of CA who have become lawyers, doctors, dentists, movie stars and other people who have decided to move into the Eugene area. You have to get to know her to get the whole story of her life. She is very dear to me and we are working together to have a job that will support us the rest of our lives. I have high hopes for her. She is a very close friend of mine. By Teresa Berg

Mark and Tiffany Bulgin, Salem, Oregon, Winning Humanitarians: They turned the death of their son into community gain, using it to inspire a non-profit organization in their son’s name (Isaac’s Room) that provides foster care, a coffee shop/concert venue, and a professional multi-media education program for local youth. By Ty Randal Brack

Mark Enkey, Corvallis Oregon. Winning Entertainer: My story idea is on Corvallis hip hop artist Mark Enkey, he would make it a winners within story because he has come a long way, from having nothing living in albany, to performing on stage with the likes of names such as well known southern artist, Petey Pablo, Bay Area legend Yukmouth, and the World’s Fastest Rapper Twisted Insane. He has put in a good 4-5 years to come this far. He has gone through struggle and has overcome it. By Kris Nelson.

Max Hansen, Corvallis Oregon. Winning Athlete: As a senior at Crescent Valley high school, Max severely injured his shoulder in the state finals last year in wrestling, yet he refused to quit and wrestled the next four matches one-handed to place fifth in state. He was ranked third in state prior to the 2007 season, was expected to take first, but was unable to complete his senior season due to the severity of his injury. By WWU

Mike Green, Corvallis Oregon, Winning Employee: A General Handyman/Drywall Expert, his loyalty, reliability, and focus on the task at hand have been non-parleil. His initiative and attention to detail has saved us thousands of dollars. I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for a good handyman. Thank you, Mike, for all you have done. By Nick Sands, CyberFarm Properties

Michelle Marie Bolinger, Medford Oregon. Winning Mother: Michelle for years has fought for her children on next to no money or time while struggling with degenerative disc disease .She has struggled raising kids while her kids’ dad moved away to be with other women. Through the heartbreak of this on and off relationship with his absences as sudden as a half hour notice, she conquered the depression this circumstance caused and still raised kids that are smart and beautiful. Though poor and often unable to find work, sometimes struggling hand to mouth she still nurtured her 2 happy children. Now the father has returned and even though there were many bitter emotions between the two, he loves the children and is good with them. Michelle allows him to see them now that he stopped running away. She overcame her struggles, pain, and heartbreak to successfully create a life for her children so they can now be with their dad. Michelle is a winner because she never gave up and tried for years to have a great family. She now attends school to achieve a degree in sociology so she can help others. She may not have a three story house, but this winner/angel brings a tear to my eye for hardships she has overcome and for being living proof that to be a winner you must never give up. By Skylar Smith

Dr. Miven Donato, Ashland, Oregon. Winning Doctor: I had finally found the creative work of my dreams, singing and dancing on the trapeze, when I was accidentally hit in the head. All of a sudden I had to walk very slowly, and could not jog, bicycle, dance fast, or lift anything heavier than five pounds. Over the course of the next year and a half, though my condition sometimes seemed to improve, I would “relapse” if I tried to exert myself and I would have to recover, almost from square one each time. Four doctors were unable to discover what was wrong, even with a CT scan. Then I saw Dr. Donato and he figured it out. Two hours later I was jogging. From then on I rode my bicycle almost every day and I’m now singdancing in the studio and rebuilding my strength in preparation to get back on the trapeze. By Vanessa Nowitzky

Peter Ball, Corvallis Oregon, Winning Father: Father of Crosby who was diagnosed at birth with Down’s Syndrome. Peter has always taken an active role in raising Crosby who is now 24. Peter is actively involved in Cornerstone Association, an organization which helps disabled persons find jobs and meaningful involvement in the community. By Sally Hafner, Corvallis Insurance

Prinice Flowers, North Bend, Oregon. Winner Against the Odds: This woman has endured so much. The loss of her 9 month old to SIDS. Her husband left her when her daughter was 3 days old. She keeps going she let him come back and tries to repair her marriage. She is one of the strongest people I know. She works she raises 2 kids and goes to college now. By Tina Noah

Rachelle McCabe, Corvallis Oregon, Winning Educator: The concert pianist and OSU music professor who directs the school’s new Steinway Celebration series. By Pat Amacher

Randy Darris, Portland, Oregon, Winning Samaritan: After suffering a very devastating loss, he began his healing by wandering downtown Portland talking to primarily homeless men and women as well as everyone else who happened by, offering each warm and amiable greetings. He listened to their stories and anecdotes in an effort to try and make a difference to them. He has saved lives by caring such as the time he once paid for a man’s room for the night so that he would promise not to jump from the Burnside Bridge. By WWU

Rita Castillo, Springfield, Oregon. Winning Samaritan: Rita has been a community volunteer throughout her adult life. Now into her seventh decade, she has not let congenital or acquired physical challenges stand in her way. She has been a volunteer and an officer in countless charities. She regularly serves communion as a lay minister to those who cannot make it to services. She also fosters down on their luck dogs, currently nursing two, with two more due soon. She donates time, money and materials to various charities. She has spent hundreds of hours knitting baby blankets and skull caps for the Sacred Heart Hospital’s Neonatal Department. She has also brought games and treats to a local nursing home. While, unwilling to quantify the effort, her family estimates that she is involved in some charitable pursuit more than four hours a day, every day. By Robert Spencer

Rob Stuart, Portland Oregon. Winning Merchant: A few years ago, I met Rob Stuart, the R in R. Stuart & Co. Winery in the Willamette Valley. Rob and his wife Maria run their winery like an extension of their family they are friendly, inviting, creative, and they produce exceptional wine that many haven’t heard of because they don’t submit their wine to be reviewed. To me, Rob and Maria are the epitome of winners. By Kristyn Lak Miller

Robert Thomas. Portland, Oregon, Winning Father: He is a man of 52 and lives in my home town PORTLAND, OREGON. He works two jobs and lives in an upbeat neighborhood. He has a lot of friends and a daughter. This man lost his wife when his daughter was only 5 years of age. Robert raised his daughter alone for 11 years. He went through all the obstacles and made it through. I think he is a “winner” because not many men are willing to raise a child (especially a girl) alone. But he did, with no complaints or regrets. I think he is a winner in every aspect of the word. By Leanne Thomas.

Ross Parkerson, Corvallis Oregon. Winning Artist: He illustrates old houses in Corvallis. His ink drawings are fantastic. By Paul Rickey

Saad Amer, Medford Oregon. Winning Youth: I am excited to nominate Saad Amer, a senior at Patchogue-Medford high school who has achieved attention due to his scholastic accomplishments and positive impact within the community. Recently, he was instrumental in creating a video clip that showcased his talent and provided the high school with name recognition. By Jacqueline Kingston

Sanctuary One. Jacksonville, Oregon. Winning Benefactor: Located on 55 acres in Oregon’s beautiful Applegate Valley, Sanctuary One was established in 2007 as the nation’s first care farm. It was founded by a small group of visionaries to be a safe place for animals and a healing place for people to ease depression and stress and help lonely people, who feel disconnected, establish therapeutic relationships. By Jindati Doelter

Dr. Sara Becker. Portland Oregon. Winning Health Care Giver: Sara Becker is a dedicated doctor in the Portland Oregon area who has spent the majority of her career diagnosing and treating transgendered community, and providing years of support in their struggle with themselves. She is best known for her work with HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and is a living personification of support and acceptance for the LGBT community . By Casey Sherman

Sara Swanberg, Corvallis Oregon, Winning Filmmaker: Dynamic administrator of the Corvallis ArtsCenter (now known as ArtCentric). She is also a Director who has just won an award for a series of films she directed about Oregon artists. By Pat Amacher

Schweitzer Family, Cottage Grove, Oregon. Winning Merchants: The Schweitzer Family has been a mainstay in Cottage Grove’s historic downtown for many years with two family run businesses. One a western store offering western and hard to find work wear to locals and tourists alike; the other a jewelry store they took over when the former owners retired. With young children and family life in full swing, they run two thriving businesses and still make time for their community, taking part in Bohemia Days and other community events. By Niki Hammond

Shannon Crowson, Albany, Oregon, Winning Daughter: I would like to nominate my daughter Shannon Crowson. She is 27-years old and for the last two years, she and her husband took care of her little sister, my youngest daughter Rachel, while I was in an inpatient drug rehab trying to get clean and sober. She not only took care of her sister, she also has four of her own children, was working full time as a pharmacy technician, and started nursing school. She stepped in and took in her sister instead of allowing the “system” and DHS to take custody and put her in foster care. By Renee Rea Bulder

Sherrie, Dallas Oregon. Winning Citizen: She is woman in her fifties who had found herself living in her car struggling for survival and looking for a miracle. She met a young mother of two who had fallen ill and was struggling to regain her strength. These two strangers, caught within a whirlwind of emotion and despair, reached out for the hands of faith and found each other. The whisper of a name will fade amongst the masses and great kingdoms will fall but as we leave this world it is the mark of hope that cuts the deepest, leaving a scar of rebirth more beautiful than anything our eyes have yet to behold. By Sandra Bertwell

Steve Roe. Grants Pass, Oregon. Winning Citizen: Steve owns the Roe Motors car dealership in Grants Pass and is a respected businessman and community volunteer. He also speaks out against bullying and inspires others to do so when he shares his own story of being bullied as a youth. By Tricia-Drevets

Shirley, Corvallis Oregon, Winning Educator: an OSU Spanish teacher who takes students to Central America and is currently the head of volunteers for the local homeless program…. By Lizanne Southgate

Terry McDonald, Eugene Oregon. Winning Benefactor: Since Terry McDonald took the reins of the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County from his father, Harold McDonald, in 1984, the non-profit has blossomed from a few thrift stores to an organization that keeps waste out of the landfill and homeless people off the streets. McDonald’s efforts to treasure people and resources include the Aurora Glass Factory, where artisans mold melted plate glass from deconstruction projects into bowls and sun catchers, Tea and Crumpets, where Americans collect 100-year-old antique furniture rescued from dumps in England, and a used car lot that sells salvaged vehicles ranging from fully operational to rusted back yard skeletons harboring weeds. Proceeds from recycling ventures fund shelters for women and children, low-income housing projects, jobs for the homeless and a food room that feeds the hungry. Internationally, St Vincent sends books to Asia, volunteers to Thailand orphanages, and recycling knowledge to the U.K. McDonald takes waste, adds value, sells it or donates it to the needy, finances paths to success for the homeless and inspires others to do the same. By Pat Sweeney

The Haven. Ashland, Oregon. Winning Benefactor: Ashland’s Cultural and Healing Arts Center, it is community building and truly 21rst century style. Teachers are gifting their skills and knowledge for uplifting classes and events. It’s an evolutionary community center evolving to what community really means. “We are an impulse for unity and mutual support,” says Barbara Williams, General Manager. “We move beyond the thinking realm, it’s a place of the heart.” By Jindati Doelter

Victoria Boutenko, Ashland, Oregon. Winning Educator: Victoria is a teacher and author about nutrition and the raw food diet. In 1994, she converted her family to a raw vegan diet, saving her children from the debilitating diseases of diabetes and asthma, and herself from morbid obesity. Since then, she and her children have given lectures and classes around the world and written books which have been translated into several languages, teaching about raw foods and healthy living. Her daughter Valya makes inspiring films about the people who have overcome dozens of life-threatening conditions by eating raw vegan food. Victoria has helped thousands of people incorporate more vegetables and fruits into their daily diets by popularizing the “Green Smoothie”. By Vanessa Nowitzky

William Sumway, Corvallis Oregon. Winning Merchant: Proprietor of the Pegasus Gallery. It is located in the same building as the Old World Deli. He goes out of his way to promote the visual arts in Corvallis and to help emerging artists. He is a really nice guy also. By Paul Rickey