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Anthony Rinn, North Kingston Rhode Island. Winning Son: I am nominating my son, Anthony Rinn, who is my strength – my true Angel. Ever Since he was just five years old when I was first diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma and was told I may not live to see the new year he was my hope and my reason I never gave up. I am in full remission now. Five years later I had a recent battle with thyroid cancer multiple times and through all this painful ordeals and all the storms my son and I went through he has always been a Winner* in school, at home, with family, and friends, just an all around great child. I believe with all my heart he will make a great man and make a huge difference in this world. He is a true defintion of a winner and I love him with all my heart and soul, and I am so blessed to call him my son. It would be an honor to have him see his face and name shown in your magazine so he can see just how much more special he is. Raising a child alone is hard and Anthony and I will continue to make it through any other storms that may come up against us. By Elisa Rinn

Nancy Autorino. Westerly, Rhode Island. Winning Spouse/Winner against the Odds: My Wife, Nancy, succumbed to cancer in 1988 and died before her 40th birthday. She gave me irrefutable proof that death is just the BEGINNING. Her story is well worth telling to all caring people in the world. By Joe Autorino

Wesley Irish, Smithfield, Rhode Island. Winning Citizen: Wesley Is a nurse at the local VA hospital. He’s a single father as well as a homeowner/ landlord. What makes him unique is that he somehow finds the time to be a major influence in the community of Smith Hill. Everyone in the community sees him as the go to for all sorts of matters. All the while he is helping them he is also obtaining a masters degree and several other the degrees. Not to mention he’s an immigrant from St. Martins and the Caribbean who obtained his and his sons’ citizenship through the proper channels. By Vic Tavares