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Anne Lee. James Island, South Carolina. Winning Citizen/Humanitarian: Anne Lee is the founder of Darkness to Light (an international organization for the prevention of child sexual abuse). Anne is a survivor turned champion as she advocates not only for prevention, but also for policy changes for mandated reporting. Her story is the very definition of inspirational.  By Lala Fogarty

Chance Zobel, Columbia, South Carolina. Winning Citizen: Chance was an outstanding young firefighter (page 23) whose life was tragically cut short in the line of duty on November 15, 2010. I want Chance’s story to be told from a retired firefighter’s point of view, someone who has been there himself. Someone who understands the firefighting brotherhood from the inside. I believe that if Chance’s story is told, another life can be saved if people pay attention while driving. By Chris Davis

Holland McDowell, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Winning Benefactor: Holland is a senior in high school and the founder of The Purple Tutu Ballet, teaching dance to girls ages four through ten who have Down syndrome. Holland learned in her AP biology class that children with Down syndrome have extreme flexibility but lack core strength. She thought ballet would be a great way to enhance flexibility while strengthening the core. Her efforts have proven effective by the smiles and confidence she instills in each of her little ballerinas. By Lala Fogarty

Kate Hanchon, Charleston South Carolina. Winning Youth/Artist: Kate is a nine year old type one diabetic and a published illustrator. She and her service dog, Sprinkels (not a typo, this is how Kate wanted to spell her dog’s name, because sprinkles are a cupcake topping and Sprinkels is a proper noun) battle type one diabetes together every minute of every day. Both Kate and Sprinkels are sweet in every sense of the word. By Lala Fogarty

Roy Suenaka, Charleston South Carolina. Winning Athlete: He’s been a life-long practitioner of the martial arts for 70 years and has receieved high degrees from the original founders of several martial arts, including Morihei Ueshiba (aikido), Hohan Soken (white crane karate) and Kazuo Ito (judo). To a non-martial artists, these names probably don’t mean much, but they are quite famous in the marital world, and to have a live-in student of theirs here in Charleston is rather extraordinary. By Chad Taylor

Timothy Grainger, Charleston, South Carolina, Winning Merchant: “Timbo the Peanut Man” — Driving down Highway 61, you can’t miss him. From his bright orange stand, with a peanut sign beckoning drivers, Timbo the Peanut Man hawks his wares. Aka Timothy Grainger, Timbo is something of a local legend. He doesn’t just sell peanuts. He makes magic, one carload at a time Each customer gets the same attention from Timbo. He asks about family, offers an unsolicited advice and hands out weather forecasts with all the finesse of the Channel 5 news team. “Y’all don’t need to move off to Charlotte, now, cause I don’t need to lose my best customers!” Timbo’sdown-home personality, coupled with some of the tastiest boiled peanuts I’ve ever had, keep us coming back for more. By Donna Rich