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Amanda K. Fambrough, Clarksville Tennessee. Winning Daughter: Amanda is my daughter and I am so very proud of her. She is a 4th grade teacher at Ringgold Elementary School In Clarksville. She just recently was awarded Teacher of the Year at her school. She is a very hard worker, dedicated, caring, kind, and loving. She is married and has one child, a daughter, that is three years old. Amanda and her family attend church here weekly and she hosts an MS Walk every spring after finding out that her husband has MS. Her day doesn’t end when the school bell rings. She always has plenty of work to bring home, whether it is planning, grading papers, or recording grades. She cares very much about her kids and strives very hard to see that they learn. A tidbit of history: Since she was a little girl, Amanda has always known that she wanted to be a Teacher. Her dad used to talk to her about that fact for years before she was actually old enough to go to college. When her dad passed away, Amanda was only 15 years old but she still held onto that dream, wanting to, not only please her dad, but to meet her goals and plans. She started helping other kids when she was still in high school by tutoring them after school. By Mary K. Garner

Chris Tutje, Springhill Tennessee. Winner Against the Odds: Chris was killed by a car when he was three. He revived miraculously in the morgue. He is now a war veteran and Captain in the National Guard. Even though he battles ADHD and narcolepsy, he is achieving his lifelong dream of becoming a school teacher and working with ADHD children. By Jai Bacus

Gary Stinnet, Maryville Tennessee. Winning Benefactor:  Reverend Stinnet is a man truly devoted to serving the Lord. For the past 20 plus years, this faith-filled youth pastor has been both physically and emotionally invested in his ministry. Not only is his humble, gentle spirit a light in the community of Maryville TN, his passionate commitment to instilling a sense of purpose in the adolescent population of First Baptist Church of Maryville TN, speaks volumes of his selfless character. Gary’s genuine desire to teach, nurture, and guide such a fragile generation, reveals the very core of his ministry – to equip the youth with the necessary tools to love, encourage, and serve the local community, and eventually the world. By Shana Hudson

Lynetta Dent, Memphis, Tennessee, Winning Clergy: My friend Lynetta Dent, alongside her husband Lincoln, have seeded a church in the Raleigh area of Memphis. Their church is focused on winning through Christ. They work every day to cultivate an environment that encourages and builds up dreamers. They are not perfect, holier-than-thou people, far from it. They have lived without Christ and are now living and succeeding with Him. In an area of town that many people are leaving in droves, they are determined to establish roots and be a benefit to the community. By Semamtha Norton

Robbin Thompson, Sullivan County, Tennessee. Winning Musician: Robbin s was a slick musiciana musician from Sullivan County, where I went to high school. Robbin died last week at the age of 66, after battling cancer for 15 years. During his life he co-wrote the Virginia state song with Steve Bassett and was lead singer for Bruce Springsteen’s first band, Steve Mill. By Debbie Davis