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Texas community Hall of Fame Members

Amanda Calder, Dallas, Texas, Winning Youth: She is an incredible young lady! In her twenty six years she has earned two degrees, and almost finished her Masters. She has traveled to 12 countries, survived personal tragedy, become a bright professional in education as well as local theater, and has saved a person’s life – quite literally held the severed scalp on a hemophiliac boy’s head to keep him from bleeding to death – without regard for her own safety. I could go on, but I think you get the idea. If she stopped now could be classified a real “Winner” – but she is just getting started! By Kathy Young

Breanna Fye, Austin Texas, Winning Entertainer: She is only 15, but one couldn’t tell from her voice. The folk-rock singer, who has been compared to Alanis Morrisette, Natalie Merchant and Ani Difranco, has already recorded three albums, written her own music and performed in many venues in Louisiana, Texas and California. While she recently relocated to Austin, Texas, Fye made her mark in Lake Charles, where she lived from 2004-2007 and performed in local venues regularly while attending Jr. High and High School. By Natasha Chilingerian

Craig Hall, Dallas, Texas, Winning Developer: He is a real estate developer and entrepreneur who has incorporated one of the largest sculpture gardens in the U.S. in his huge office park development in Frisco, TX. By Steward Lytle

Curt Finch, Austin, Texas. Winning Merchant: My employer is the CEO of an Austin-based software company, Journyx. He is a local entrepreneur who started his business without any venture capital funding, and it survived the dot com bubble burst. He just published a book as well. By April Boland

Dave Parsons, Conroe Texas, Winning Citizen: Dave Parsons is an exceptional candidate for your magazine. He is a man who inspires greatness from the people around him. His life is his story — a former marine, a retired teacher, an amazing athlete (still), our local poet laureate, professor, husband, father, and respected member of the community. By James Ridgeway

Dean Fearing, Dallas, Texas, Winning Restauranteur: A longtime chef at The Mansion restaurant, he is now the hot new chef at his own restaurant, Fearing’s, in the first Ritz Carlton Hotel and Residences built in Texas. This talented creator of Southwestern cuisine is well known not only to Dallasites but also to food fanciers around the globe. His creative cuisine, tantalizing tidbits and inventive ideas guarantee a long list of loyal fans that will follow Dean anywhere. Personally, I’m on my way to his restaurant. Bon appatit! By Kate Pratt and Steward Lytle

Frank Holland, Fort Worth Texas, Winning Role Model: Frank, a 70 year-old man, is a winner in the biggest sense of the word. For 50 years Frank has cleaned golf clubs and shined shoes at the most distinguished country clubs in Fort Worth, Texas. The clubs he worked at were Colonial Country Club, known as the home of Ben Hogan where the PGA holds their Fort Worth event each May. The other club was the daily gathering place of Ben Hogan himself, Shady Oaks Country Club. Frank is a winner because even though he has grown up as an African American, he has continually instilled in the young people he meets the importance of seeing people from the inside out. NEVER has he ever allowed bigotry or prejudice to affect him, on the contrary ,he ignites a non-racial mindset in all those he comes in contact with. The story I would like to see in your magazine involves Frank and a ten year-old white boy on Easter Sunday, 1968. The boy was a member of Colonial Country Club and he was trying to deal with the hatred and fear he had witnessed over the previous ten days since the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. The place he found his comfort was the bag room at the Colonial Country Club with Frank Holland. It was a day that changed the boy forever. By Jeff Harris

Freya Pruitt, San Antonio, Texas. Winning Citizen: Has definitely made a positive difference in the world for good. She is the Editor-in-Chief of “Transforming Today’s World,” a free bi-monthly magazine where she “publishes people” and has several “causes” that she is passionate about. She is passionate about our soldiers and their struggles when they come home, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She is passionate about the homeless in San Antonio and garners support in her magazine for employment and basic necessities that they need to get back on their feet. She raises awareness for organ transplantation and how we can become involved in donating organs to the dying. She is giving free publicity to the San Antonio Ballet, opera and theater for the continued survival of these wonderful institutions. Her latest posting on Facebook was about a father and son who lost their home and belongings to a fire. There is so much love and compassion in this woman’s heart and soul. She has given up everything for this magazine that brings awareness and a vision of love for humanity and she should be recognized for sacrifices that she makes willingly so others may be lifted up. By Jacqueline Applewhite

Jan Hoerster, Mason, Texas, Winning Educator: Jane Hoerster has an ongoing interest in preserving the native history of the area for future generations. Many are unaware that she has voluntarily assisted various book authors in researching their topics, helped “track down” missing bits and pieces of local color, worked to preserve and organize original photographs and documents of the area’s earliest residents, and generously shared her vast knowledge of the subject with any and all interested persons. Mason is a small town in the Texas hill country with a very colorful past; Ms. Hoerster brings it all to life with tales of the town in its heyday, the Indians, Robert E. Lee, the Hoo-Doo War, topaz hunting, family histories, as well as the many and varied escapades of famous outlaws and lawmen. At a time when history is often considered to be boring and static, Ms. Hoerster serves as a bridge between the past and the present in her voluntary role as an oral historian. By Robin Clark

Jana Salais, New Braunsfels, TX, Winner Against the Odds: She is lovingly know as Momma Jes. This amazing lady grew up on the streets and has been through many hard times and ordeals and has a million reasons to give up. But she didn’t give up. She pulled herself out of the darkness of her circumstances and spends the vast majority of her time volunteering to bring hope to others. She is an inspiration to all of us. By Cyndi Smith

Justin Wayne Dowd, Dallas Texas, Winning Son: I nominate my son. He grew up in Waxahachie, TX where he was a big baseball star in high school, loved by everyone down there, almost a celebrity in our hometown, if you will. His picture and stories about him were a regular feature of the newspapers sport section. He was even scouted by the New York Yankees his junior year. He tore his rotator cuff, however, which shot that dream out of the water. However, he went on to college on a partial baseball scholarship, and with my help graduated and is now a very successful businessman, father and husband. The odds he overcame, being raised by me–a single mom working two jobs–the positive influence he has been on his friends, the kind of man he is now, are worthy of greatness. He is an inspiration to all who know him. By Denise Kincy Grier

Linda Owen, Dallas, Texas, Winning Developer: She is president of the Real Estate Council and is spearheading the construction of a new urban park that will deck over the Woodall Rogers Freeway, linking Uptown and downtown Dallas. By Steward Lytle

Lucy Billingsley, Dallas, Texas, Winning Developer: She is the daughter of Trammell Crow. She is building the first mixed use (residential, retail and office 7-11’s headquarters) in the expanding arts district in downtown Dallas. Her development an?chors the arts district and transforms it from a pretty dull place to an exciting area. By Steward Lytle

Mark Cuban, Dallas, Texas. Winning Merchant: He is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and now is a movie producer. By Steward Lytle

Marvin Rose, Bay Town, Texas, Winning Citizen: Marvin Rose is a pastor from humble beginnings.  Although his whole life has been an inspiration to me, I feel as if readers would enjoy an exposition of the last 5 years of his life.  In order to be brief, I will compile a quick list of the trials he has faced in these years.  At the start of those 5 years, Marvin was diagnosed with diabetes, a few months later his daughter was in a volleyball team car wreck that peeled all the skin off of her back and arms (requiring years of therapy and permanent scars), and his son, Timothy, was diagnosed with Lymphoma.  At the end of this 5 year period, his pancreas lost all ability to produce insulin. Throughout all of this, Pastor Rose kept a joyful spirit and has been able to inspire his church, family, and friends to improve their own lives. By Matt Rose (not related)

Norman Borlaug, College Station, Texas, Winning Environmentalist: Norman is a leading figure in the Green Revolution. Borlau developed and promoted agronimical techniques that have rescued millions of people from the brink of starvation. Through careful cross-breeding and the use of emerging biotechnilogy, he made wheat and other foodstuffs grow in previously barren soil all around the world. Norman Borlaug is a winner beause he has devoted his life to providing fool for the hungry, reaping an enormous crop. By Nathan Hall

Norman Henry, Dallas Texas, Winning Pioneer: There is a new program in Dallas to shore up economically deprived neighborhoods by fixing the titles to about 6,000 empty lots and letting not-for-profit organizations build new affordable homes on these lots. Norman Henry with Builders of Hope Community Development Corp. is building some of the first homes on these lots. He is a real winner and largely unnoticed. By Steward Lytle

Phil Cobb, Dallas, Texas, Winning Pioneer: He built the trolley along an inner city area that is now blossoming in large part because of his efforts. By Steward Lytle

Regina Rogers. Beaumont, Texas. Winning Benefactor: Regina Rogers founded the Gift of Life Program when her mother got cancer. This nonprofit organization has now helped thousands of people to get free screenings for breast and prostrate cancer, as well as spread important information to children and adults. By Khale Bryant

Stanley Hobbs, El Paso, Texas. Winning Samaritan: Stanley was a fighter in the Society for Creative Anachronism, a group that re-enacts the medieval times; and has been for over 20 years. He lived to be on that field, hitting other armored people with sticks. An accident rendered his left hand almost completely useless, making it impossible for him to do what he loved best. Not willing to let his own misfortune crush him, he now provides meals for the fighters and volunteers, and anyone in who might be hungry, in the SCA. He also donates hundreds of toys to the toy drive sponsored by the SCA every year. By Rain Sullivan

Stephanie Ramirez, Houston, Texas. Winning Benefactor: She has started her own organization to send toys to her brother’s troop in Iraq. The platoon members have requested these special toys so that they may be better able to form relationships with the Iraqi families they are encountering. She has single-handedly sent over approximately three shipments of “Happy Meal” type toys to her brother for distribution to children in Iraq since July 2007. The Houston McDonald’s corporation has donated approximately 150 toys. She is contacting local schools to see if they would like to become involved. His platoon is the 3-8 Cav, 1st Platoon in Palad. Maybe you too have someone serving in Iraq or even this platoon and would like to participate in this special effort to promote a connection between the Iraqi people and the United States. Monetary donations can be made through pay pal to toys4troops@yahoo.com By Lisa Carey

Sue Goodnight, Dallas, Texas. Winning Benefactor: Is making a difference here in raising money to support children with kidney disease. In her 80s, she raises millions for kidney research and equipment needed by the hospitals. By Steward Lytle

Tony Fundaro, Dallas, Texas, Winning Samaritan: Tony is a former drug addict and thief. After graduating from a rehab clinic, he decided to dedicate his life to helping marginalized people. He has started a project called Life in Deep Ellum (Dallas, TX), which consists of a community center for connecting local business, education, and the arts. The center houses a coffee shop, venue space for concerts, art gallery, education classes, several local businesses, an after school program, and a church. Tony is an incredible visionary, and travels around the world, partnering with organizations to help people discover their purpose and pursue their dreams. You can find out more at: www.lifeindeepellum.com. By Michelle Wallace

Tom Leppert, Dallas, Texas, Winning Politician: He is the new mayor of Dallas, Texas. Tom, was chairman of one of the largest construction companies in Texas, His experience is expected to make a big difference in Dallas. By Steward Lytle

Tracey Schreiber, Houston, Texas, Winning Humanitarian: One night Tracey and her husband saw an elderly African-American lady walking down the road. They notice she was crippled and impoverished looking in appearance. When I stopped and spoke with her they learned she was living in unbearable conditions and that she was on her way to buy green punch, sardines and a loaf of white bread at a convenience store with her 202 pennies. They took her in and gave her a home. By a Friend Who Wishes to Remain Anonymous

Wild Rose Rescue Ranch, White House Texas. Winning Environmentalist: Bob/Georganne Lenham operate a domestic and wild animal rehab,shelter and sanctuary. All animals are welcome. They will recieve medical care,rehab,release. Bob is a Vet that has been featured n media as war hero/decorated, dist. honors. Ranch is non-prof and relies on donations when their finances r not sufficient. Super People, great contribution to ecology. By Shannon Woodard