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Brandy Phillips, Saint George, Utah. Winner against the Odds: Instead of worrying about the normal teenage problems like prom, popularity, and hair, she had to worry if she would have hair in general because Brandy was diagnosed with cancer. She missed a lot of her high school experience to her illness; but Brandy was positive-smiling and laughing all the time to where you wouldn’t even know she was sick. She is such a happy person, and cared more about others rather than focusing on her own pity. She was sick, yes, but she has been positive, and happy since the beginning. She has an amazing outlook on life, and through her struggles, she just gets stronger. She is an amazing, brave person. By Heather Rae

Josh Stockwell, Park City, UT. Winner Against the Odds: Josh Stockwell wrote the book on heart, desire, devotion and discipline. He is a very talented downhill skier but not your ordinary story. He has Cerebral Palsy. Over the years he has fought prejudice, discrimination, and a multitude of injuries en route to still becoming the sixth ranked Paralympic skiier in the nation. By Kevin Rail

Sharlene Hawkes, Centerville, Utah. Winning Citizen: Sharlene was named Miss America in 1984. Since that time, She has married and with her husband, Bob, is raising three children. She is an active member of the community and remains busy working with a company that helps our military with historical matters and digital archiving. Sharlene has truly used her life to assist others and is a real businesswoman and mother. By Scott Schulte

Steve Chandler, Lehi Utah.Winning Benefactor: While Steven Chandler Simpson was going to BYU getting his education, he met a co-student who was struggling with Multiple Sclerosis.  Through Steve’s compassion and desire to help others, he became his friend and helped him through his struggles.  Later when Steve entered the armed services, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  After his release from the service, he looked up his BYU friend only to find out his friends wife had divorced him because of the challenge of being married to someone with MS.  Steve was soon married and slowly saw his health deteriorate.  Steve died in 2010 after serving, giving, loving and influencing many, many people.  He was truly a hero to many neighbors, friends, family and his community.  By Bill Partridge

Trent Plaisted, Provo, Utah, Winning Athlete: The 6-foot-11 BYU basketball player, who had a year of playing eligibility remaining, is officially a pro. No one’s done that with Cougar connections before his senior year since Shawn Bradley, another big man (seven inches taller than Plaisted, in fact) controversially skipped out of Provo for a lucrative NBA deal in the early 1990’s. Plaisted will travel the country to work out for NBA teams. Plaisted averaged 15.6 points and a team-leading 7.7 rebounds per game as a junior and was a first-team All-MWC selection.He’s expected to meet with at least 15 NBA teams, including every one that has a first-round draft pick from Nos. 15-30. By Jason Franchuk