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Frank Woodruff Buckles, Charles Town, West Virginia. Winning Citizen: Frank died of old age, and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. President Obama declared that all of the American flags be flown at half-staff on February 28th, 2011, honoring Mr. Buckles. He had never been in combat, but received permission to be buried at Arlington since he was verified as the “last veteran to honor the veterans from WW1″ on March 3rd, 2011. By Sam Surgalski

Lisa Caruso, Wellsburg, West Virginia. Winning Mother: She is a woman in my life, who, other than being a true blessing, has accomplished and struggled more than some can even imagine. Yet, she still remains to be the cornerstone in so many peoples’ lives. She works one on one with mentally and behaviorally challenged children, is an amazing mother and grandmother, and is an inspiration in every way. By Stacy Caruso

Mike Bochinski, Martinsburg West Virginia. Winning Benefactor: A year ago I moved to Martinsburg with little to my name. Mike embraced me without judgment, but I soon learned that he cares for and shelters a number of people including his brother who is afflicted with both Schizophrenia and Parkinson’s. His nature is to uplift, his generosity boundless, and now he seeks to bring about a revitalization to this entire area for the benefit of everyone. By Deunan Skaal