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Timberhill Athletic Club : A Place Where Families Play and Exercise

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We are more than just a place to work out. I see us as an adjunct to enhancing other physical activities.  If you like to garden, but you’re not in shape to garden, we can support that and help you improve your physical and mental ability to enjoy it more,” he said, adding, “or even if you’re just having trouble with your day-to-day activities, we can help with that.”

His desire to help people and make them comfortable is noticeable throughout the club. In addition to exercise rooms, racquetball courts, and pools, each day is filled with scheduled activity offerings ranging from yoga and scuba to Pilates and much more.

“Friendliness and cleanliness is the secret to our success. That’s what we emphasize and talk about at our meetings and with our employees.  People come here because they want to feel better and they want to look better.  We can’t change their looks, but we can change how they feel just by how we present ourselves in being friendly and clean,” he pointed out.

In fact, Randy’s greatest satisfaction comes from hearing what the visitors to Timberhill have to say.  “The thank yous, the smiles, the people who say, ‘This has been great for me, great for my family, we come here and I know where my kids are and I enjoy it,’ those words are the most satisfying,” he expressed.

Families and recreation time are a large part of the new expansion Randy has planned for Timberhill Athletic Club, commonly referred to as TAC.      “We’ll have an outdoor lap pool and an adjacent pool specifically for kids,” he explained.  “It will be an addition where families can interact and enjoy each other, especially in the summer.

“We haven’t finalized the design but a water slide is also being considered. We’ve designed this to allow the families – the parents and the kids – to be together in a nice friendly atmosphere that involves recreation and water. We envision that the outdoor pool area can be more than only an exercise pool; it can be an area where families also relax and enjoy the day.”

Interacting with other people for sporting activities was one of the building blocks for creating TAC in the 1970s.  “Games are really important,” he said.  “The more games and activities you offer for members to interact with other people, the more adherences you have, the more that people will stick with it.”

“Timberhill started with the idea that I wanted to build a facility that incorporated more that just traditional exercise. I’d read an article in Forbes magazine that racquetball was a new trend and I started checking around and the more I learned the more I was convinced it was more than a fad.  So we put together some investors and a business plan.  It took a while,” Randy recalled. “It was about five years for the development plan, to get the investors, the money and the financing lined up. But we did it and we were right.”

This summer’s expansion will be the third addition to TAC. In 1994, Timberhill Athletic Club added on and doubled its size.  This summer’s expansion will offer more locker rooms, another fitness room, a multi-purpose room and the two outdoor pools.

Randy is convinced this summer’s expansion will satisfy his customers’ need for a family summertime facility. “It’s not rocket science,” he said, “It’s a matter of listening to our members and determining what different people want so we can help them feel better.  If we can keep it simple, and take the obstacles out of people’s way, then Timberhill will be the place where families play and enjoy this summer.”

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  • Eileen – New Jersey said:

    This was a story that lacked a true meaning. Most of these places have similar goals. It is how they make their money. The story would have had more meaning if I had read about financial aid for those that could not afford such a place.

  • Kenisha -- Michigan said:

    With renewed spiritual awareness, I have become increasingly and alarmingly aware of how the family structure in our country has disintegrated. This is what motivated me about the Timberhill Athletic Club article. I thought it was well written, not preachy and overall interesting. I happen to agree with the tenets of cleanliness and friendliness. Both attributes make life much more manageable. I really like there being an organization that wants to cater to family oriented activities and not focused on cleaning out their wallet. From the article you get the sense of it being a home-type of atmosphere and that is the balance between strong writing and good material source.

    I’m really grateful such a website dedicated to the positive upliftment to communities and people within exists. With so much negativity swirling around us, it’s nice to have options to read of inspirational real life experiences.

  • Marie said:

    Upon perusing this website, I was impressed with the many arenas explored by the articles. Yet this article, I felt, didn’t seem to live up to the importance of, say, a couple reaching out to children with illness, or the ugly poignance of Bukowski’s prose. This one seemed more of a vague advertisement than something prescient, and seemed to me to be at odds with the general feel of the site. While there is nothing notably offensive about this piece, it nonetheless proves to be a bit of a sore thumb.

    You’ve clearly put together an impressive, inclusive company that deserves admiration.

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