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Town & Country Realty : 50 Years of Excellence

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“Each customer is a unique person with particular needs,” says Pete Sekermestrovich, owner and Principal Broker of Town & Country Realty, which was founded in 1951.

His mission to give the customer a superior experience starts by hiring realtors that will represent the company’s ideals. It is very important that the new realtors hold dear the “same core values we do.”

“It’s all about providing our clients outstanding service. Our realtors need to be educated, experienced, and motivated. I only hire professionals who genuinely care about the best interests of the customer. Professionals follow up on the details and, if something is not okay, they get involved and fix it.” Honesty and integrity are cornerstones at Town & Country Realty. One of the company’s guiding mottos is “to do whatever is right, not whatever it takes.”

“Everything has to be in the best interests of the customer,” Pete insists. The last thing we should do when a customer tells us, ‘We’ve just got to have that house,’ is to immediately write up the offer. Instead, we take the time to consult with them. We make sure it’s the right house; maybe show them three or four other houses, not to confuse them, but to ensure their best decision is reached.

“It’s important to examine every detail about a possible purchase,” Pete explains. How is the layout of the floor plan? How does the sun set on the house? How is the shade on the property? Is the house outdated? Maybe another house in the neighborhood is just as good but in better condition. We would be remiss and unprofessional if we didn’t educate them, show them what their money can buy, and make their decision easier to make. We are all about educating customers, consulting and counseling them so they get to a point where they’re more comfortable making the decision that they want to stick with.

“We believe in earning our wings everyday,” Pete says. Town & Country’s winning outlookand quest for excellence has made it a leader in mid-Willamette Valley real estate for over 50 years, and with its continuing success, Pete promises, “For the next 50 years to come.”

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  • Jennine – New Mexico said:

    Yes it is obvious that you support this company based on the article and the response you posted to Marge from NY. What occurred to me as I was reading the piece was that it sounded more like an ad than an article to me. I kept waiting for you to show me how they are going that extra mile. You did toward the end but I felt that you could have pushed it further, perhaps interviewed a client or two, uncovered more personal experiences that would have given me the experience of “going the extra mile.” My family is in real estate and I have had plenty of experience through the years dealing with realtors who do not belong in that industry! So to find a company with integrity and pride in their work is rare and valuable. The quotes used were cliche at best. It could be that you might have spoken to an owner or manager who is not particularly colorful, but overall the piece lacked juice for me. However, if I was in the area I would probably use them first because it appeared in this blog.

  • Margie– New York said:

    Being a real estate professional I gravitated to this article. I liked it but found that there was no issue in it to show how the policies of the T & C Realty could save the day and make you appreciate or really want to use them. In this case a little upset like someone loving a home so much that they wanted to sign on the dotted line and then after seeing the fourth house, which the only reason they would have was because of the policy of the office, they found another one that they felt was much more suited to them than their “first love” and they purchased that one. I am sure if the reporter asked that question they would have found quite a few stories/incidents of that nature. That is what a winning real estate agent has to offer.

  • alex said:

    I really endorse this business as an outstanding member of the Corvallis community. They are the real estate office that newcomvers see when they come to town.

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